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Thread: Helicopter CONTROLS

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    your ticket may be about only the kamov, but this thread is not

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    Well,the kamov is part of the game and i'm particulary answering the guy who said that he was playing DCS:black shark and is disappointed by it in ArmA.

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    the OP said he played DCS Black Shark and assumed all helos in ArmA should function that way, I agree the Kamov should, but the other helos are just fine

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    The kamov website claims the maximum sideways flight speed of the ka-50 is 70km/h.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qazdar View Post
    And what about the game ?
    Do some testing and report back with your findings, I suppose.

    One source says that Ah-1W seems like it has a maximum sideways flight of 35 knots (65km/h), and another says 55 km/h.

    I guess the advantage of the kamov is that it could do it equally on both sides, whereas a helicopter with a tail rotor is limited by engine power on one side more than the other.

    And then we get to the questionable nature of internet information when all I can find for the mil mi-28 is that it can fly sideways at 100km/h. Is that to be believed? I would be inclined not to think so.

    edit: aviastar claims 70.

    edit2: I was able to gain sideways flight in the ka-50 up until 60km/h. I was able to sustain it past 130km/h. At 70km/h, I could put the nose past 45 degrees from centre.

    edit3: The flight characteristics of my ah1 are very similar so I would conclude that the flight envelopes for all helicopters in ArmA are very similar in this regard.
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    I updated your ticket with some information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    I updated your ticket with some information.

    I hope BIS gets us something for arma2

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    I doubt it... at least nothing major.

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