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Thread: NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

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    Not sure I've seen a checkbox for Clean Install and I'd definitely would have checked it. I've noticed that when you currently install new Nvidia Driver that it states it's uninstalling old driver -hope thats true and accurate. I've never had one issue with an Nvidia driver before but this situation got outta control quick.

    At first I tried simply adding the ControlPanel folder from an older driver which had no effect. I then tried installing some my older drivers in backword sequntial order -everytime I attempted, I would get "Driver Installation Failed" with no further info. Worser still, it had stated it had successfully uninstalled previous driver -which left me in driver-less limbo.

    I finally got an ancient driver from Windows Update to work for my 460's but as soon as that was fixed -my Network card driver mystreriously failed and I couldn't fix it via the Mobo utility disk -no internet.

    Seems like something went awry in my Registry so I was forced (after a few Reg integrity programs) to wipe the HD clean nd reinstall Windows fresh.

    Kinda ironic after a night of drooling over the new AMD 7970 reviews that my Nvidia came back to get me.
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    Hello everyone!

    Are there any (ex)owners of GTX 295 Quad-SLI configurations? What is the best behaviour should i expect from Quad-SLI?

    With one GTX 295 i'm getting ~70 avg fps in OA benchmark, with two -- ~71 avg fps. Is that normal behaviour? Running AFR2@4GPU mode for arma binary. Is arma that bad at such SLI configurations? Or is it drivers fault? Or maybe arma so much CPU-dependent, that for Quad-SLI it will need some insanely fast CPU?

    My CPU is i7 2600k, tests were performed at stock frequency.

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    New 295.51 Beta driver released

    Have not tested yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MavericK96 View Post
    New 295.51 Beta driver released

    Have not tested yet.

    Seems stable to me on GTX460M 1,5GB on my ASUS G74 ...
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    Seems fine to me, as well. No real increase or decrease in performance that I can see.

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    JFYI, there is a major problem with this driver concerning non accelerated video playback as well as the new version of PhysX they added.

    They have issued a new(er) version of the driver without officially announcing it that includes an updated PhysX version but I am not sure whether the video playback problem was addressed or not.

    To get the updated driver, just redownload 295.51 from

    The video playback problem is a serious issue as the assosciated memory leak swallows large amounts of memory.
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    Yep, had that issue on my HTPC. It only happens after quite awhile of video playback (depending on how much RAM you have) but after awhile it gets stuttery and you have to reboot to clear the memory. They've already fixed the problem in the next driver build.

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    Shame they can't just reissue these with a fix tbh.

    I'm not sure whether the ones with the new PhysX version also carry a fix for the video problem (havent bothered to test as I only have 295.51 on my main rig at the moment).

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    Heh, and I was curious what is causing the memory leak on my PC. Good to know now, thanks guys.

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    Hello, could someone kindly give me advice?

    Mouse cursor and anything written during Splash Screen has Horizontal lines running through it.
    Arma 2 (green version) is running fine. No problems.
    Seems only OA doing this. Even if I use a Launcher like Arma 2 Launcher V1.4

    GT 440
    NVidea Driver: 285.62

    Arma 2 CO
    Latest Patches

    When starting Arma 2 alone, it's fine.
    When starting Arma 2 OA, it's real shaky like some sort of Vert Sync situation going on. Goes up and down slightly. I have no idea why.

    1980 X 1080
    Highest (32-bit)

    In game:
    AA is "disabled"

    NVidia Control Panel:
    Adjust Image: "Let 3D application decide"--Quality
    PhysX: "Auto-Select"
    Occlusion: "Performance"
    AA is "Use 3D application Setting"

    I have turned off and on and on and of AA and other settings. Still no solution. Something hellish going on and pissing me off.

    Any advice?
    Thanks for your help.
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