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Thread: NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

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    Physx disabled = NO HELP, same laggy low fps.
    -winxp parameter is not helping either.

    I'm getting frustrated this tweaking, nothing has been helping so far. End users should not have to tweak their games to get them working. Especially if their rigs are better than optimal system requirements for the game.

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9450 @ 2.66GHz (2667 MHz)
    Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium, 64-bit (Service Pack 1)
    DirectX version: 10.0
    GPU processor: GeForce GTX 285
    Driver version: 186.18
    Stream processors: 240
    Core clock: 680 MHz
    Shader clock: 1476 MHz
    Memory clock: 1250 MHz (2500 MHz data rate)
    Memory interface: 512-bit
    Total available graphics memory: 2815 MB
    Dedicated video memory: 1024 MB
    System video memory: 0 MB
    Shared system memory: 1791 MB
    Video BIOS version:
    IRQ: 16
    Bus: PCI Express x16


    nvCpl.cpl 2.5.383.06 NVIDIA Control Panel Applet
    nvCplUI.exe 2.5.383.06 NVIDIA Control Panel
    nvViTvS.dll NVIDIA Video and TV Server
    NVSTTEST.EXE NVIDIA 3D Vision Test Application
    NVSTRES.DLL NVIDIA 3D Vision Module (4161853)
    NVMCTRAY.DLL NVIDIA Media Center Library
    nvDispS.dll NVIDIA Display Server
    NVCPL.DLL NVIDIA Compatible Windows7 Display driver, Version 186.18
    PhysX 909.04.28 NVIDIA PhysX
    nvGameS.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
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    8800gt AMD 4800+ x2 2.4 MHz NVdrivers 186.18

    No difference either way and tested with Fraps ArmAII-Mark

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    Just wondering, would the GTX260 benefit from the SLI enhancer?

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    I have GTX 295 and neither PhysX disabling helped nore using the SLI enhancment fix from EVGA. My problem still is, that Arma2 doesn't recognize my graphic card correctly with the latest nvidia drivers 186.18. In Arma2 menu there are only 2 options for TEXTURE DETAILS and GRAPHIC CARD MEMORY (LOW & NORMAL). The graphics inside game look horrible, no rendered textures, everythign looks like rabbish. There are missing options HIGH and ULTRAHIGH in graphic options menu, because the game can't allocate all the memory for the GTX-295 and recognize it as a high-end graphic card. Also tried to manually change values in arma2.cfg on this side but without success! I tried a lot, but still no success. That sucks!

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    @ Sloop - You are setting your Arma2.cfg file localvram setting to what your card has in bytes right? 896 mb physical mem per core = 939524096 bytes

    so you should have localvram = 939524096
    or you could try double it to account for both cores maybe.

    save the file
    then make sure that you go to make it read only.

    Weird thing happened for me, (i was locked to low/norm) after doing this it still wouldn't work, UNTIL I died in the campaign and then when I went to the video options from the death screen it let me change it.
    Q6600 @ 3.2 -- GTX 285 1GB -- 8GB DDR 2 -- Vista 64

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    I already tried this pal, I entered exact these values you mentioned, and I write-protected afterwards the arma2.cfg file. But still no success! I'm frustraded dear BIS support ... please help!

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    No dice


    Turned physx's off no change

    GPU driver : 186.18

    Physx : 909.04.28

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    I have

    9800GTX+ 512 card
    2GB 1066 Ram (ganged 128bit??? or I can ungange it to 64 bit??)
    Gigabyte 750a SLi DS4 MOBO
    Phenom 9950

    Windows XP pro 32 bit

    I have up to date drivers on both chipset and gfx card.

    I have enabled Hybrid SLi in the bios setup with 256mb so the system mem is now 1.75gb

    all I want to know is what diff is this gonna make as so far I cant see any?

    will it be better to take off the SLi?

    the game runs fine on std single card setup with no SLi on High to med settings and AA on norm but I want to try get a tad more?

    Also I take it that IF i was to SLi 2 cards I would need a 9800 GTX+ and not just any 9800 card? or would a 9800GTX card do it?

    I am confused

    cheers in advance

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    GF8800GTX 768MB, turning PhysX off: 0 FPS more.

    NV Driver: 186.18

    PhysX: 9.09.0428

    Guys at least we know BIS is trying to fix the problem... but I dont think its just Nvidia related... the game kills most CPU's... much more than it should for what it is... I mean the AI is not doing ground breaking stuff.


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    Cpu : E6850 @3.6 GHz (400 Mhz bus)
    MEM :4 Gb DDR2 800 MHZ 3-3-3-10 (400 Mhz bus)
    MB : X48 DQ6 Gygabyte
    GPU = GTX 295 1.8 Gb vram
    HD: 2x 2x Samsung 1 Terra 7200 Rpm 16 Mb cache (RAID 0)

    OS : Vista 64 Ultimate sp1
    Driver : 186.18
    PhysX: 9.09.0428

    Arma2 retail box European by 505 Games

    Disabling physx: makes some improvement, a bit less stuttering. I get some Spykes up to 40fps But its spikes, not stable at all. i have between 15 to 26 fps all options set to normal . but still, to have enjoyable gameplay/fps i have to set options to (at these settings i get between 20-30 fps with some spikes to 40)

    interface resolution 1680x1050
    3d resolution 1680x1050
    viewdistance : 3000 (i would lower it but its realy needed to fly)

    Textures : LOW
    Video Memory :Very High
    Anisotropic : Normal
    AA : normal

    World Detail : Very low
    Object : High
    Shadow : Disabled
    postprocessing Disabled

    this are the only settings i can play without stuttering

    one thing i can notice is the Fps drops alot when the camera is moving (ot turning but MOVING)

    another thing i can notice at these settings is the GPUS are used to a max of 20%, my GPUs temp only increase by 2-3 degrees, while playing L4D it increase by 15-20┬░ . cpu usage goes from 80% to 91%

    since improved patch 1.02 i get random program termination/ return to desktop crashes after 20 minuts to an hour gameplay. The game doesnt render the sky on chernarus island unless i swap video memory option to anything and then back to very high.

    good luck fixing this, koz i realy would like to enjoy arma2 as i did enjoy arma1.

    One thing you might look into is wich retail game version people are using. it would not be the first time in game industry that a poor implementation of the securom protection by the editor will result in broken performance ingame
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