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Thread: Freedom fighters......ends too soon.

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    thanks for the help, and it is the bought version not the steam one, and i agree it is far too short, but mayb it is restricted cause the scenario is supposed to be night raids??

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    also, how do i unpack it? so far i can just rid the .pbo and view some of it in microsoft word, do i need any specific program to do
    (argh i hate being tech-illiterate :S)

    ohk, opned it with my ancient version of word and edited it, but the file can no longer be recognised as a valid pbo file. tried using notepad but it for some reason crashes notepad and doesnt work? :S gah! curse vista and all of its satanic offspring! XS
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    By unbelievable good-luck I stumbled across an unoccupied, undamaged Russian Tenguska. But now the Russians have platoons upon platoons of tanks.

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    I find this type of missions really interesting, but unfortunatly too buggy...again(f*** team razor, can't help?).
    Hope this will be fixed with the patch 1.3 (and the campaign too )
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    Thank you Punjistick, I can finally beat this mission.

    I mainly use Punjistick tactics. Buy some landmine at the beginning. Put landmine in the road choke point. That really stop the enemy APC group. Capture Town. Fast travel to base to buy AT soldiers. Capture another town. SAVE & LOAD a lot. Fast travel to defend town if needed. Buy more soldiers. Capture more town. Buy BRDM. SAVE & LOAD A LOT.

    The main problem is the enemy base. I use BRDM and lots of Stinger Soldier to attack it. I don't attack from the coast. I attack from the forest path north of enemy base. SAVE & LOAD A LOT. I go into the enemy base. Somehow I get into an empty T-90 tank and blow up all the enemy base!

    Without the enemy base, I go back to my base to buy more units. There is some enemy tanks remaining. But it is not a big problem now. Finally I capture all towns and the mission finished.

    Before that, I tried to blow the office but nothing happened. I haven't contact Razor team and smugglers. I haven't save the village. But the game end when I captured all towns.

    My advice is: Don't play this mission. It is too punishing.

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    I was also having a hard time to play this mission through, until I found the trick. In fact it isn't THAT hard of you know how to do it... Digest the mission task notes might give you some hints...

    The key of success is "speed". Since the Russians are building up their force as you do but they are in the upper hand because they have heavy factory while you don't, the sooner finish off the enemy base, the better. You don't want to see a column of T-90s crushing your poor small BRDM, right?


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    Thanks for the hint, Airborne_hk. That is really good idea.

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    Well, I played it again after updated to 1.05 and find out the Russian defenses are tuned up a bit... Remember to bring something heavier with you...

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    I finished the mission by capturing the first town, putting it full of defences and walls, then I grabbed a boat to the russian base, destroyed the hq with a lot of rpg's, I also attacked their vehicle factory, dont know if that is needed because no hq=no money right?
    Then the russians stopped attacking and the mission became a whole lot easier, this was in version 1.02 I believe.

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    I just started this last night and got capped pretty quickly. So, hit their base first while they're unprepared? I haven't even found their base yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andromedagalaxe View Post
    I just started this last night and got capped pretty quickly. So, hit their base first while they're unprepared? I haven't even found their base yet.
    Check the mission details in the map view and it stated where the base suppose to be.

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