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Thread: Problem with setting up MP server

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    Problem with setting up MP server

    Hey guys I am having a problem setting up a server in Operation Flashpoint. I go to the MP menu and click on New. As it should, it takes me to a creating client screen, but that only shows for a couple seconds and then it sends me back to the MP menu. I've tried reinstalling and repatching it several times but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me?

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    Firewall issue? Or sockets/ directplay?
    I'm Norwegian, what's your excuse?

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    I already opened all the ports in my firewall that are required for OFP and whatnot, but still nothing. What exactly do you mean by sockets and directplay?

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    experienced the same
    the problem for me was that my pc's name was something like "ádám-pc" and somehow ofp doesn't like characters like "éáűőúöüóí.. etc", so had to edit it to.. "adam-pc" or whatever.. and that fixed both my ded. and non ded.server problems.

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    Well, my PC's name doesn't have any of those characters.

    I'm still trying to work on it though, but no results yet.

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