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Thread: Script / even trigger issues in campaign

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    Script / even trigger issues in campaign

    There seem to be quite a bit of problems with the triggering of events, especially radio conversations, in campaign missions. It seems a lot of triggers go off when you enter a given area, with the result that you've got conversations where your character says he has eyes on the target and you personally don't have a clue where the target is yet. Also sometimes the conversations seem to happen in the wrong order - I had one conversation in Manhattan where I killed a hostile, and first heard the radio discussion on what I found on him, and then heard the discussion where I inform HQ of the kill and get instructions to look for something on him in the first place.

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    Yeah i had to quit playing campaign because numerous errors.
    In manhattan mission where you go rescue downed pilots the HQ asked me as soon as i was landing on the site that what is the situation. Are the pilots dead or what. How the hell should i know i'm still sitting in the damn chopper.
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