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Thread: Flashlights on the guns?

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    But flashlights on guns? Srsly, review your source.
    We´ve also used maglites in the miles fitting on the G3 back in the days, especially for checkpoint duty and house-searching.
    My source: Reality.
    For the G36 there´s a surefire module that´s also used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sidhellfire View Post
    But flashlights on guns? Srsly, review your source.
    My source is active duty Marines and Soldiers, how about you?

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    We´ve also used brain back in days.
    My source are non-active soldiers. (Alive ones)
    Before we run towards penis comparison you realise you both are missing something, don't you?
    Don't bother checking, couldn't find a clue of usage of these.
    Let me ask Helmut one thing - would you turn on your magnificent flashlight in night time if you were searching for armed enemy? Would you ever consider turning that shit on if you knew that he's somewhere near in dark?
    I don't give a damn on implementing a one big "shoot me" sign, which would be useless anyway, into the game, but just can't stand that moronic statement that they are needed anyhow. And claims, that they're effective on lighting up targets that are 30m away are fantasy stories, or they're lighting up terrorists in safety vests.

    Sarge: Get over here! Give me a boost!
    Caboose: Ok.
    Caboose runs up
    Caboose:You are a good person -- and people say nice things about you.
    Sarge: Not a morale boost, moron, a physical one. I need to see what's in that window.
    Caboose: That window is very high. I don't think you are tall enough.
    Sarge: I know. I need you to help me look through it.
    Caboose: I don't think I am tall enough either. Also, my head is round. That window is square.

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    The reason you won't find pictures where they are used might be that it's generally hard to take pictures when it's dark (I photograph for military magazines, I should know).

    Would you rather walk into a house at night and search for an enemy using a NVG that restricts your FOV down to maybe 60 degrees, as in the game? Or risk the goggles shutting you blind when you step into a room with a light on? Not to mention that the NVGs I have worn were terrible blurry on objects close up.

    Obviously these flashlights have their tactical applications, not 300m firefights in the fields, but Arma does simulate a lot more than that. After all in Arma2 we now even have shot guns.

    Besides, a most curious observation which is quite regulary found when making game suggestions: Why are people against something that is OPTIONAL? How exactly will it disturb your game if BIS implements the code for some weapons to have flashlights? Will you be forced to use them?
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    Because in contrary to most of "I wanna this one, please" players I am aware of fact, that some things are more important, and some are just waste of time, at least at that stage.
    I've seen many photos and videos taken at night. None with that silly flashlight mounts. In fact, no one bothers quality when he has an opportunity to record something, that he came for.
    You say that it won't take much time. Check then: and notice that most of things are "easy to implement/fix".
    The author of "fast rope" thread also said that it's "easy to implement". Was that anywhere near "needed at all"?

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    Because in contrary to most of "I wanna this one, please" players I am aware of fact, that some things are more important, and some are just waste of time, at least at that stage.
    Since when are you the one to decide things at BIS ?
    Just because you are not aware of the useage of flashlights in a combat scenario it doesn´t mean that it´s not there. It is there for multiple useage.
    Arma 2 is meant to be a Milsim that covers a variety of scenarios. Modern warfare also includes housesearching and checkpoint duty. Just because you in you holiness do not value this means that we all have to think your way just to please you ?
    You know shit of todays combat duties but you tell others that you are the originator of ultimate truth.
    Eat it with a spoon: Infantery units DO use Surefire modules on a regular base and it would be a nice addition to have them ingame.
    If YOU like that or not is not in anyone´s interest as your military knowlegde seems to be somewhat limited anyway.

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    Nothing to add for what Balshoiw said. This is a suggestions board, being jumped for suggesting some realistic equipment addons is insane.

    BTW, just tested some more of the game - and I could swear that at least some rifles already have the flashlights on the 3d model. Check the camouflaged M4 with holo sight and M203 for example, what's that on it's left side of the barrel?

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    This is discussion board above all, and I feel right to question suggestions here.
    You don't realise, that usage of these is very limited, and consequences of that feature would result in mostly tons of players ruining the MP experience by being a running lantern and beaming up others in group? Your mind capacities seems to be somewhat limited anyway Balschoiw. Go check, if it does work with attachTo command if it does, you've wasted enough time already if not, try to at least convince me I'm wrong.

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    I for one would love to see the weapons mounted flashlights modeled into arma2 by someone (doesn't necessarily need to be BIS). If you look closely at a lot of pictures of military weapons with mounted illumination devices a good many of them have flip up IR filters installed.

    I can tell you from REAL WORLD experience, both military (going on my 12th year of service with 8 of those being USMC Infantry) and civilian Law Enforcement (going on my 13th there) that the light as a tactical option has almost unlimited usage possibilities. With the high powered lighting systems on the market now combined with the IR filters you can dramatically increase your view distance and hence your engagement range at night. And the tactical advantages of blinding/dazzling your opponent at night goes without saying.

    Hell, they are even mounting light systems capable of both visible and IR illumination on vehicle mounted weapons systems.

    I guess everyone else has it wrong, right?
    What you cant see WILL kill you

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