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Thread: ARMA II Comref

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    ARMA II Comref

    I uploaded the most recent comand reference to

    until we have it on the Biki

    It is automatically generated so may not be perfect but I hope it will be useful already.
    Marek Spanel - CEO

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    Awesome, Marek!

    This is much appreciated by the community.

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    Thats cool!
    Marek Spanel: [...] Every single element is well taught so that it fits together. So this is a significant change, because with ArmA 1 it was just random, really.
    We made some units because we had to. There wasn't much passion from our side with the first ArmA, to be honest. This time it's different. ( Interview

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    Thanks a lot Maruk.

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    Cheers Maruk.


    Hell yeah, still got that little gem!

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    Wow, nice... And fast

    Hmm, under Editor... I'm guessing this is future still, but very exiting nonetheless...
    Carl Gustaffa - left this game due becoming Steam Exclusive

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    As always, thanks a lot Marek!

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    Thank you!

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