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Thread: ARMA II Comref

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    ARMA II Comref

    I uploaded the most recent comand reference to

    until we have it on the Biki

    It is automatically generated so may not be perfect but I hope it will be useful already.
    Marek Spanel - CEO www.bistudio.com

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    Awesome, Marek!

    This is much appreciated by the community.

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    Thats cool!
    Marek Spanel: [...] Every single element is well taught so that it fits together. So this is a significant change, because with ArmA 1 it was just random, really.
    We made some units because we had to. There wasn't much passion from our side with the first ArmA, to be honest. This time it's different. (Videogamer.com Interview

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    Thanks a lot Maruk.

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    Cheers Maruk.


    Hell yeah, still got that little gem!

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    Wow, nice... And fast

    Hmm, under Editor... I'm guessing this is future still, but very exiting nonetheless...
    Carl Gustaffa - left this game due becoming Steam Exclusive

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    As always, thanks a lot Marek!

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    Thank you!

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