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Thread: Is the German Community your official Beta Tester?

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    Are we the betatester?

    1st... Arma 2 has a lot of possibilities. It looks really great, great "war feeling", great landscape (think about making hollidays there).

    But there are a lot of bugs... the greatest problem is the ai. Sometimes they are to offensive, running into enemy fire and got injured. So your mainjob - actually - is to heal them.

    But as i said...they are often to far away. So if you are injured nobody comes to heal you... your mission is over.

    Betapatch 1.1 did a lot in ai waypoint but its not enough.

    One another big big problem is the missing dedicated server. Playing campaign with this buggy ai is nearly impossible but playing with friends isnt impossible to... hosting a game... ok but only few people owns pc`s that can handle this.

    So what we need is - in this order:


    and we need people who dont talk only about the bad things.

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    Hey folks calm down!

    BIS products are like good wine, it takes some time til it gets it's superb favour

    It's been the same with OFP and Arma, at the beginning I hated these games. But now I don't wanna miss them. So just be patient and let BIS finish there work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mt79er View Post
    So what we need is:
    Exactly this is the point! The game looks great, but until there are server files published, my ArmA2-Installation can sleep in it's folders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maruk View Post
    Our next plans:

    * we plan to release patch 1 for the German version very soon

    * in the same time we are also finalizing an updated version of the game that should be the version to be released later next month in other territories (including North America, the official announcements coming soon)

    * there is a lot of work ahead to fully support the editing and multiplayer community (full editing tools, command references, dedicated servers) which will keep us busy next few months
    Maruk is Marek Spanel, BI CEO.

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    No you shouldn't blame Morphicon, you should blame BI...

    History repeats itself, everyone remembers arma release, it was buggy as hell... what was the excuse back then? BI was running out of money so they had to release it in that shape.

    Whats the execuse now? Morphicon?

    But who did this game, Morphicon? Who chose the beta testers, and why do such basic bugs appear again in the release? Is it really Morphicon and not BI fault?

    I supported BI when arma was released, and I kept defending them because they are small producers, short on money, etc. But right now there are no more excuses, I can't just keep looking to the side, while there are explicit evidences that BI is just releasing the same game with renewed graphics, no real improvements over the previous one, and buggy as hell.

    I've seen the arma community, in the past years, produce addons with more content and more quality then what BI is giving us now and for FREE.
    We have a script that allows us to transport vehicles with helicopters, mods that have a wound system, others that improved the AI, great islands, etc. And what gave us BI? The same things, with improved graphics and new animations. Where are the real changes to the game? 3d editor, FLIR system, real physics, no more hit points system for vehicles...

    How much more time should we keep supporting BI, in order to really have a game that deserves the "new" word?

    I'll buy the game, probably when the price drops and it's all patched up, but only because of one thing: THE COMMUNITY OF PLAYERS THAT PLAYS IT!
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    I'm happy with it.

    Nothings perfect. First patch in day one?

    You can have quite a few beta testers and still not find some bugs. Different ingame setups means a lot of of combinations have to be done to find some bugs. When it's first released theres a lot more people doing a lot more combinations of setups and settings etc - this is when certain bugs appear.

    I'm not pointing this at anyone in particular, but the amount of time some people spend complaining could be spent better on making a decent bug report on the forums. That way you will more likely get it fixed in a future patch as its easier to understand to the developers.

    A patch in day one? That surely isn't that bad on the bug fixing side - especially from a small team like BIS.

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    Not a troubleshooting thread and no more than a rant thread so no purpose in keeping open.
    Welcome to Associate Producer Matt Lightfoot as new Forum/Community/Moderating lead, he should be contacted for all related matters now, not me!

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