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Thread: Map of Chernarus

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    Thumbs up Map of Chernarus


    Since the interactive topographic map was published online several updates were made. In this thread I would like to collect and

    discuss topics regarding:

    (1.) the map of chernarus in general,
    (2.) the (interactive) topographic map of chernarus in particular.

    The latest updates on the interactive map:

    - principal contours (and value)

    - mountain names and symbols (trig. point with elevation)

    - pass names

    - symbols: hills (look for example on the Blunt Rocks in north-east)

    - some buildings are labeled: "factory", "power plant"

    The interactive map is precise and clean. Great work! Although I would love to see some modifications:

    - Use symbols for things like: churches, transmitting stations, factories, power plants, ruins, monuments, etc.

    - words only for proper names of Cities, villages, mountains, passes etc.

    - include a legend

    - include a UTM Grid System using (labeled) meridian stripes

    - give us the map in a higher resolution since the intended scale is 1 : 25 000

    I hope others will share their thoughts on the chernarus map and many thanks to BI for their great attention to detail!

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    The interactive map doesn't work for me. Is there something i'm missing?

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