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Thread: Mapfact.net releases two new SP missions

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    Mapfact.net releases two new SP missions

    Good evening!

    I am very glad having finished - well quite - two SP missions right in time.


    Breaking existing contracts with an american oil company RACS has occupied the oilfield in the south of Sahrani. Furthermore they have captured and deported the civilian workers of United Oil.

    In the first mission "Brick Wall" you lead two Special Forces teams that are to rescue the civilians. Coming from the sea you have to deeply infiltrate enemy territory since the prisoners are reported to be held in the village of Gulan. A village sourrounded by RACS bases ...

    The second mission "Burning Sand" is a big scale infantry assault to regain control over the oilfield. You are the leader of a USMC company landing south of Tiberia. As recon reports RACS troops are pretty well entrenched and not willing to let go of the oil easily ...


    - multiple unit control with the CoC Command Engine X
    - Dynamic AI Creator
    - intense atmosphere
    - comprehensive briefings
    - artillery support
    - excessive use of custom sounds
    - enemy forces use their radios as well
    - enemy forces call for back up
    - enemy forces surrender
    - house patrols
    - plenty of usefull stuff to discover
    - hidden bonus objective
    - plenty of usefull stuff to discover
    - config addon für additional units and groups
    - new ingame user interface

    Read more at: http://www.mapfact-archiv.net/includ...nt/newseng.php
    Download: http://www.mapfact-archiv.net/includ...wnload_eng.php

    A big thank you goes out to my beta testers: Chneemann, Mr-Murray, Onkel Bo, Unterfeld!

    Most importantly: have as much fun as I had creating those missions! Enjoy!
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    "Better safe then sorry.", J. C. Denton

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    thanks , if they have the seal Mapfact.net they must be good, downloading

    edit : addon rae_sandbagfix.pbo is needed ? i thought it was obsolete
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    Really? I didn't know that. It was in my mapfact modfolder so I put it in here. But it shouldn't cause any issues, though. But if that's fixed the fix can be left out for sure.

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    You´ll need to remove the "RAE_sandbagFix" from your mission.sqm´s manually then. Otherwise the mission (Brick Wall in that case, since it´s the only one i´ve checked) will force players to use that otherwise outdated addon. The same goes for "CoC_CommandEngineX", seeing that it´s not listed as required addon on the mapfact homepage.

    *hint: While making missions, be sure only to load the addons that are really necessary for the particular mission you´re working on. Strange things may happen if you dont

    REALISM! No, fuck that, FIRE THE LASER!

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    BadAss , i've got a problem here. this is the equipment i have for the missions training and brickwall, don't tried burningsands yet but i think it will be the same. as you see there is no laserdesignator or batteries available, very extrange thing . only addons running Queen's Gambit and patch 1.16.

    is this correct?

    training camp mission equipment :

    brickwall mission equiment :

    and besides that , this error message when playing training camp :

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    I'm very sorry for that bugs!

    Of course I did my best and fastest to fix this, the new version 0.91 is up, by monday, May 25th 1120 CET.

    - while editing I had just the modfolder with all required addons loaded, of course! But due to my fault, rae_sandbag fix was in there...
    - all Chain of Command stuff is included in the modfolder available for download
    - training camp equipment: yes you're right there's the Laser stuff missing. Strangely enough, I had it in my mission! Just to make sure I added some crates with the required equipment. Are you sure you had the modfolder active? Most likely, because there was no error messsage. Strange. But hopefully it works by now.
    - Missing pic deleted. There is no picture. Just had forgotten to edit the english source code...
    - Brick Wall equipment is correct. There's no arty in there to prevent the civilians from being hit. Next the zodiacs there are some crates, too. So you can choose what you like the most for your own playing.
    - Burning Sand: there are crates, too, including all the laser stuff, just in case it disappears for some reason there too.
    - ArmA Version: just played and tested with version 1.14. Don't know about the betatesters. Hopefully that doesn't cause any issues?

    Seems like I've been away far too long time, to keep up with all stuff...

    Once again, sorry for the problems! Without the release of ArmA 2 next friday (german version) we surely would have tested the missions much longer. But so I was worrying if any one would play it when there's the new game. So we just decided to release it as it was. Hopefully there are no more bugs and you have some fun playing it.

    In Brick Wall there is much interesting stuff to discover. So if you like to take the risk and are curious you might want to have a look at the RACS areas. Burning Sand is rather about keeping low and trying to survive and maybe not to get all your squads smoked up by the enemy...

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    thanks BadAss , Rome wasn't built in one day and these missions are complex and quality enough so one little bug here and there can be unseen, the artillery is very fun

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    Can not start missions

    I get following error

    Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.91'.

    The only odd thing I did, was mixing my already existing @map directory with the ones from the @MAP_BurningSand, to avoid double addons.

    Has someone an idea, what can cause this error?


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    maybe one of your mapfact addons is an older version and causes conflict

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    Hi Blaunarwal, did you already try to play the missions just with the @MAP_BurningSand? If not, please try that. To be honest, i don't know what causes that error.

    william1, glad to hear it runs now! And yes the artillery is supposed to be rather fun than rocketscience.

    A few things I forgot to mention in the readme, though. Clicking send without having selected a fire mission will cause an error. The same goes for selecting a firemission with 0 shots left. Pretty obvious, I guess.

    I wasn't sure about the ammunition count. I didn't wanted it too much because it would be to easy, hopefully it is not too less so it gets useless?

    I'ld be glad to hear about your tactics and success!

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