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Thread: Arma 2 hackers / cheaters !!

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    Arma 2 hackers / cheaters !!

    Hello guys im new to this forum i was a regular year and half battlefield2 player till the obvious occured - Hackers- ingame Hacking.
    Whilst this is a touchy subject due to the game not even out to buy yet. what pre-cautions does the company take to try defend against hackers what is set it place to try to prevent them please.
    as bf2 has punkbuster, ive just come from the battlefield heroes forum whilst that is not my kind of game but willing to nose around, till arma 2 smashes the shelves i found something very intresting.
    that even in the beta test of battlefield heroes hack sites have made hacks, aimbiots , cams ,see through walls, etc....im sure people dont need introduction to the hacking community.I just hope that with the time and effort put into constructing this game they have really thought about the games present defense system whilst online as its been known to cripple a games infrastructure and community down to nothing ie BF2 + others.

    so my main question directly asks what protection is used to ensure the saftey of genuine gamers who want to buy into the brand and keep buying hopefully for a long long time?

    kind regards
    spellcast uk
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    I dunno but thats why I dont play PvP in ArmA 1 anymore. Lol, I remember one dude coming on few servers that made your character say that you are a cheater and he was spaming "White Power" all the time. In evo blue he put all players in jail and you couldnt disconnect or do anything. It was kinda funny but got annoying quickly.

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    ive been without a decent FPS for way too long now i was a battlefield 2 player , and played thousands of hours for what seems now useless.

    did i enjoy the game..yes till hackers came in the masses,
    and all as it would be is people arguing on servers saying ''your hacking''
    ive not yet played arma ive seen it on the shelves in my games store and looked nice from the back of the box ie the pics, but after going through hell in BF2 with cheaters i decided to quit for a while i bought a ps3 to fill in the gap i had with battlefield.

    i hope ARMA 2 , is reasonably secure as i can see the detail to vehicle and weopons is very very good i see they just added water and the pics look amazing very very nice and i love the whole codemasters thing with bohemia good they are releasing there own game.

    theres no question in my mind , im buying this game the day it comes out i just want to be able to enjoy it, ie host/play/pay for servers and possible start a clan which will come to me over time i just dont want a repeat of history sadly i dont think it can be stopped but mearley prevented.
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    every game will atleast have some cheats and hacks, im surprised punkbuster is managing to keep track of all the hacks these days, and as more and more people like to ruin other poeples gameplay i hope BIS have thought about this, as my unhappy face isnt something they want to see

    and spellcast, if you do make a clan, im joining, i used to have a BF2 and COD4 clan called =BFW= (britains finest warriors), we had a few members but in the end i just wasnt getting enough donations as i live with the missus and she requires money for handbags and shoes XD
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    [NGS] nextgensoldiers [dot] co [dot] uk

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    yeh i feel so enthusiastic for this game i mean the depth of the map and detail is awsome i know what you mean about punkbuster they did try, but eventually they where trying so much they where affecting legit gamers by giving random kicks from servers with all kinds of punkbuster errors after people had updated correctly i played bf2 from start and it was never like that its was lag free and clean to play without kicks unless from server admins lol.

    im willing to put allot of time and money into this game i hope the hack sites dont affect this game too much, does anybody know what protection the game has online?

    re clan: yeh no problem mate that would be cool when a game like this comes along in times when theres slim picking to say the least then you want to build the community by making clans and buying /renting servers for months on end im 27 years old so im a wise dog
    but yeh no problem when game comes out def hook up ill get something started after launch about getting a server.
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    How can one be without MP in ARMA? Cant understand that one but to each and own i guess. Servers can use sign check and all the rest and i havent seen any hacking since a long time. However the best thing you can do is to play with a team on a closed server. Always awesome games cause everyone is on the same "page". And also ofcourse no hackers get in. This is definatelly the way ARMA plays best instead of open to everyone where there often are some twat disregarding the mission objectives etc.

    Anyway, those times ive been on pubs i havent seen any hacking. Especially with addon sign checks. long time ago bombs started dropping over the base etc telling in the chat it was ME! LOL. Oh my... So much retarded people out there.


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    If you are looking for a new game to play in player vs player combat, i'd like to suggest Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45.
    It's a ww2 multiplayer only game, focussing on the eastern front, and plays out a bit similar to Battlefield in the fact that you have to capture objectives.
    Not stupid flags in the middle of a field, but a capzone can be anything from an entire building to a basement etc.

    I have played that game for over 400 hours and to be perfectly honest i have never noticed anyone ever cheating.
    It has been out for 3 years now, so pricing is really reasonable: about 15$.
    It is the best money i have ever spent, considering the developers kept adding on to the game for 2 years, adding new weapons, maps, tanks, and new features like smoke grenades.

    If you are in to realism and player vs player combat, RO is definitely a game you just have to play.
    Just like in ArmA, 1 shot kills you, either with a pistol or any other weapon, a legshot disables you (though for a short while), armshots make your aim wobbly, and if you get shot in the hands you will drop your weapon.
    There are also bullet trajectories to keep in mind, especially if you aim at a running person hundreds of yards away.

    Tank battles can take place over kilometres distances, and rounds can actually bounce and deflect off your tank if you angle it well.
    Maps range from infantry only, to tank only, and combined arms where infantry and tanks have to co-operate to succeed.
    I highly suggest you take a look.

    My personal opinion of ArmA's player vs player gameplay isnt all that great. Quite frankly, i got annoyed with it immensely, with players using stupid stuff to dodge bullets (like constantly leaning from left to right) and i only play ArmA in co-op these days.
    Red Orchestra is the game i return to every single time for player vs player though, and even though RO's learning curve can be harsh for new players it is extremely rewarding.
    Just don't expect any Call of Duty or Battlefield skills and tactics to come in handy because you'll most likely get your arse handed to you on a plate
    If your interested just look at: www.redorchestragame.com

    Look at my ArmA 3 missions in this topic:

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    Hi all

    Three main methods of beating Griefers and the like in ArmA.


    Many stable public servers also run DOACs.

    There is also a banning facility in ArmA that was recently improved.

    Most major clans use private and hidden servers for big clan matches. They run public servers to train players to their ethos and to recruit from.

    Because ArmA is not a points based ego shooter cheating has little advantage for those playing ArmA.

    Kind regards walker
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    You are only a bullet away from being stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BEEJ24 View Post
    every game will atleast have some cheats and hacks, im surprised punkbuster is managing to keep track of all the hacks these days
    lol.. It's not. Punkbuster is so easy to circumvent

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    I actually upgraded my system a while back because there was speak of battlefield 3 and still no sign of life from Dice or EA so my money and time has turnt to ARMA2 , thankyou for the post SiC-Disaster unfortunatly im not a big fan of world war 2 games i sincerley appriciate the post tho im sure others will love it looks ok who knows may have a little go im feeling just from looking around the forums that the community is going to be wicked once the games out.As regards to pvp thats the best thing about online the really good thing is to start a clan or join one if your genuinley legit you'll have no worries as your clan memebers would spot you hacking a mile off and you would eventually get kicked and reported so to be in a clan would get benifits as you can build an online war type relationship so to speak and know your team.
    thats the very thing i would'nt want to try steer away from is open hosting i love hosting servers with genuine good fps players who just want endless hours of top notch battles ranging from sniper fights, elite flag capping squads ,
    might i add too that you can play without joining clans and that you wouldnt im sure be looked upon as a hacker i was just trying to point out if you joined a clan once the game came out it would make our community stronger therefore identifying hackers early on as best we can.

    ps: walker nice post i see what you say about the points system if theres nothing to achieve bar unlocks the hackers wouldnt make money lol you have put a smile on my face im somewhat happy you bring releaving word thankyou -
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