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Thread: Arma 2 rank

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    Arma 2 rank

    Can you rank in arma 2?

    how many ranks is it?

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    No BF/CoD-like rank crap in ArmA

    EDIT : correction, some user made mission have pseudo-ranking system that unlock things (mission is named "Evolution"), but it's ranking per mission, you're back to rank zero when restarting the mission.
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    none that... rank bad.

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    Probably there will be the same amount of ranks in arma2 as there are in arma1

    These ranks are used to assign the leader of a group they mean absolutely nothing outside the mission editing world except for maybe showing a promotion during a campaign.

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    That has been asked already not 2 weeks ago. Is it really that hard to click on "Search this forum" and enter "rank" as keyword?

    And no, there are no ranks as in BF and other shooters.


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