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Thread: SJB Special Air Service Pack

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    Wow...simply beautiful. Downloading now!
    GD Mast

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    Awesome units I really dig the the camouflage. Thanks for all you're hard work!

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    Ravishingly nice figures, but it's S.A.S. troopers, not "operators".

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    This is true... "trooper"... Also you forfeit your rank when you get in... And the new selection course is for all SF now... One course for the SRR, SBS, and SAS... Pass it take your pic...

    Tankies are also "troopers"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col. Faulkner View Post
    Ravishingly nice figures, but it's S.A.S. troopers, not "operators".
    We understand that and had a bit of a debate about what to call them in the editor and readme, but we wanted to keep the addon in line with other SF addons, such as Jonnys SF. As sabelzahntiger mentioned we also regarded "Trooper" as a rank within the SAS, and considering ArmA has its own rank system built into the editor it would look a little strange if there was a "Sergeant Trooper" for example. This way it's also easier for mission makers to know what's what in the editor, especially if they're making a mission with joint ops of UK and US SF.

    All "operator" implies is that they are on "operations" with UKSF, SAS, SBS, SRR, etc. The word has been applied in recruitment information for the UKSF and is entirely applicable to all personnel of the UKSF.

    Just thought I'd clear that one up, it is a deliberate choice.
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    Awesome units mate.
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    Great job on these, thanks very much.

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    Great units!

    Quote Originally Posted by da12thMonkey View Post
    They need MUCH bigger sideburns and some handle-bar 'taches IMHO
    And Werewolf OPFOR.
    Quote Originally Posted by RobertJ View Post
    ARMA 3 Community is dominate!

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    I'm currently working on a new version, with a few bugs fixed (they're only minor issues, shadow issues mainly). If anyone has spotted any issues, please feel free to post them, as they may not yet have been reported.

    Also, thanks to da12thmonkey for the new avatar

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