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    I've doing a bit of work on Alex Sworns radar pack with his permision for the Australia Mod Island team and having mixed success with ladders. As an example there are 2 ladders on the kran.p3d but only one is working.

    If you look at the entry for the refinery05 above I have both ladders working and you can see in the background that the memory lod for the Kran.p3d has memory points for 2 ladders

    I have a couple of other cases like this and its very frustrating because most of the ladders are working fine so any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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    must be something with messed up selection start1 and end1. check if its really just a single point per selection, check the weights of the selection if there are additional entries, if so set them to 0%.
    config itself looks good and the screenshot aswell (screenshot of course doesnt show how many points the selection has, thats why i guess there is the prob.)

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    Thanks for the reply Scars09. Did as you said, all the points in question were singular and clean of any other entry.

    In desperation I decided to check that there was nothing about the rest of the p3ds that may have been interfering or corrupt. In two cases I got ladders to work after removing view lods ??Like wtf?? and in another I had to remove the memory lod save it then redo it from scratch.

    I think it may all have something to do with the fact that theses were originaly ofp mlods. At any rate there is now only one ladder not working in the project its almost done, and I'm never touching work like this again.

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