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Thread: Infinity: The Quest for Earth

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    I've been kind of following this for the last 5 years, it seems to need a serious cash injection to be finished (or at least usable) any time soon. To be honest, I haven't seen 5 years worth of development in the latest video, unless all the work is game engine-centric. The actual rendering seems to be pretty much the same as it was 5 years ago.

    Also, 5 years ago they released a video showing that those landscapes had a physics engine implemented, I remember seeing a number of spheres released to bounce & roll down a mountain. And also a space station with internal cities and parked spacecraft. I think it's going to be a long time coming guys
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    is something like eve online?

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    Guess the biggest difference is the infinite universe and the direct controls. That was the reason why I didn't bought Eve (after I finally got caught by the fourth try of the trial version) - you just point and click...
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    I've heard that only 8 people are working on the project.
    Is that true?

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