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Thread: Tutorials to get started

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    Hey guys

    i feel kinda dumb posting this because it would seem that there would be tutorials out there somewhere but i can not locate any that can help me get started in modding ArmA.

    Can anyone point me to some step by step tutorials on how to start modding ArmA? Tutorials for total nubes, since i know nothing about ArmA modding yet. I do come from the oldschool ofp modding days tho so i know a bit.

    I would like to make vegetation and islands (but i think i did find a tutorial on vistor), as well as units and static objects.


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    I totally forgot about OFPEC! i just re-discovered it, and its got tutorials!

    so thank you all for your extremely helpful pointers :P

    sorry for posting this admins, go ahead and delete it!


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