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Thread: Still playing !!!

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    I just found my copy and made an acount on here. I would love to play again.

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    i live in arizona, USA.
    oops wrong thread. i though this was for the pc version.
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    I finally bought myself a copy of operation flashpoint elite. I just need to borrow a friend's xbox and then I'm all set.

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    Thanks bigs,I just started playing it. I've immensely enjoyed all fifteen minutes of it! I spawned an A-10 and flew all around Everon,while I acquainted myself with the controls.

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    Good,try sukhoi and plane also.but i think plane is hard to fly.if you have a friend play with him a match.ex you both start from a corner of island than make a place to hold by anyone longer is one.i have a friend and we both play search and destroy mission.in it we have all aircraft and weapon to use.its good.which is your favourite islands,my is kolugjev.ok

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    I think Malden is my favorite,although I wish I had some more jets to work with. I'll probably snag some more once I can FTP.

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    Malden high peaks are beautiful .you can also download many aircraft if you are intrested.

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    I think that the beautiful place is the Nogova's High Altitude Town at the North-East.

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    Try sky island addons it is very nice high peak like everest.

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