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Thread: A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Public Release!

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    I'm new to ACE and just decided to try it out.
    In a mission, I get injured and can't move. There is a medic on my team, and some other teams have medics, but I can't order them to do anything, and nobody lifts a finger to help. I can't even commit suicide so that I could respawn. How do I deal with this situation?

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    deploying units with parachute while running the ACE mod for Arma 1 ...

    i ve run into this problem after running the ACE mod on my pc
    after the AI units jumped out of the plane ( using Mando scripts ) they fall down to the ground and die because they have NO chutes.

    How can i make it possible for these AI units to get a chute???
    Is it possible to assign it to em or something else???

    thx for help m8s!

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    Hello gents im working on a Cae Flight medic script for choppers and i have a couple questions ..i was wondering if anyone of you guys that worked on ace if i could PM you some details with a couple questions ? promise i wont bug you to much thank you for your time

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    I decided to download this mod to enhance vanilla ArmA. Is there anything else I really need beyond ACE? It seems to be a jack of all trades..:P

    EDIT: Oh! How do I get ACE to run when normally selecting ArmA? And how do I get it to work with Cold War Rearmed? The two modules seem separate.
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    Well shit. I hope you didn't download the 3-year-old beta mod. Ask in the right thread, where they may deign to yell at you for not reading the instructions.
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    Which 3-year-old beta mod? I got both ACE and CWR off of Armaholic. And ACE needed an update.

    That's with ArmA I, by the way.

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    You can use the modfolder method described here to launch multiple mods.


    But I don't think CWR is made to be played with ACE. If you are just going to be playing singleplayer,
    you will probably be better off using less gameplay-changing mods than ACE. This sticky thread can be helpful:


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    Hello all, i tried to search but couldnt find anything in this thread.
    I wanted to use the UAV, so i set it up normally (player, control object, UAV module and an MQ-9 drone), i can access it normally but the problem is that first off the pilot seems to go insane, keeps changing target and fills the chat with commands, second i can't find a way to use the laser designator for the hellfire. I shoot them with laser marker on but they just go on a straight path as if the laser is off. Maybe i am missing something but i cant find a way to make it work. Can anybody help me? Is this supposed to be normal? I watched a video tutorial on Youtube but there was nothing in regard of drones with ACE, only attack helos.

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