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Thread: Campania de Malvinas MOD

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    Can't believe I've missed this 'til now. Fantastic idea, and fantastic effort. Keep it up guys
    First weigh the considerations, then take the risks

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    Wow... looking excellent!
    GD Mast

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    Re: missions maker

    i sent you a pm a few months back about been a missions builder for you mod and was still hoping that you want me to join your mod team as a mission buillder ,look forward to hearing from you

    i would love to do the british side of the war with regards to missions here a list of the missions i release to the public

    this was base on a british unit 6 month tour of Afghanistan.

    operation herrick missions
    Posted by Lightninguk at 7:11:25 AM

    Category: Community Updates

    here is the full operation herrick mission from one to six

    Operation Herrick - Part 1

    Operation Herrick - Part 2

    Operation Herrick - Part 3

    Operation Herrick - Part 4

    Operation Herrick - Part 5

    Operation Herrick - Part 6

    and my other missions

    Afghan Patrol

    Operation Al-Fajr

    Britain quickly assembled a naval task force (consisting of almost the entire Royal Navy), with the objective of recovering the islands. Operation Corporate was the name given to the British military operation to retake the Falkland Islands. Operation Corporate "PART1"
    Operation Corporate - UKF


    i also release a lot more mission here and on Armaholic,plus a few for other mods ,look forward to hearing from you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Chris View Post
    Shouldn't this be the Falkland Islands campaign? I believe that we settled this when we proved it was indeed ours...

    Maybe if there were any British people working on the mod things would've been different?
    i am from the uk, i am also a ex member of the army and i am very happy to be building some of the missions for this mod

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    The Islands don't belong to us, they belong to the Falklanders who want to remain with the UK. Thats far from saying they are ours.

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    "Campaña de Malvinas" can be directly translated to "Campaign of Falklands". Malvinas is just the spanish name for the islands. The Spanish have their own words for many countries, for example Germany in Spanish is "Alemania". So if a Spanish-speaking mod maker were to make a "Campaign of Germany" they would translate it as "Campaña de Alemania", that doesn't mean they own Germany!

    Hopefully the mod-maker will develop an English language localised version and the name of the mod will be translated correctly i.e "The Falklands Campaign".

    Cheers and thanks for the hard-work, looking forward to this one!

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    Why drag this subject up again.

    Keep up the great work catito14, any release dates yet ? or is work on hold because of Arma2 ?

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    Any News Catito14 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RM Snipe View Post
    Any News Catito14 ?
    Excuse me if you already know, but they have a website for their project.
    Maybe you'll get more up-to-date information there:


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