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Thread: AAN - ArmA Naval Units

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    Quote Originally Posted by [APS]Gnat View Post
    Thanks vengeance. Yep, I'm already working on that CRRC feature plus a couple other features for the ArmA2 release.
    Also waiting on an updated Mando Missiles ......
    Once I have a bit more, I'll open a new ArmA2 thread.
    Hi Gnat,

    great things you doing.
    Have you already opened an Arma2-Thread?

    Thanx ! Herbal, Son of Influence sr.

    EDIT: Ooops - just found it here by myself ..
    Before we were forced to use "just another datacollecting and advertising imposing superfluous 'service' like steam" my signature went like this for many, many years:
    "There was once a dark age when players were herded like cattle down rigid gaming paths - and Bohemia Interactive Studios were the Che Guevara types who set them free." Watch n' listen: Thank you, Bohemia for fascinating games since 2001. Engine: Win8 32-Bit on AMD64 6000 X2 (2 x 3100 MHz) * NVidia 9600 GT 1024 MByte * 1920 x 1080 pixels * 27'' TFT * RAM 3 GByte - it all works very smooth especially because of SSD

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    Photo Op requests

    I will be headed to Norfolk Naval Station (Virginia) this week and will be taking photos. If anyone has any requests on specific classes of ships, I will take them. please be specific as to how you want the photos taken ok.

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