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Thread: Special Forces Detachment Alpha

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    Awesome units, keep up the great work man!

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    There where some photos posted on with the scar is use with US SOF. Here the LINK to get some inspiration.


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    Quick Question...

    After doing some testing with the SCAR, it seems the SD suppressed versions aren't very... well.. suppressed.

    At first I noticed some issues when I was trying to replace them into a mission I had, swaping out the M4s with the SCAR-L SD. But all of a sudden, ever shot was triggering the opfor. When me and my clan mates spread out, there could hear my shots with it... The snapping sound, where as the M4 wasn't detectable

    I then tried out my theory. I put in a wall between me and some enemies on a test map. I then shot a single round of the M4, and nothing, they acted like nothing changed. I swaped it out for the SCAR-L SD and the minute I shot it they droped down and looked at the wall I was behind.

    has there been a fix for this that maybe I didn't download?

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    Old topic. Ohwell.

    How can I possible make units to start with any of those weapons?

    I've tried;

    Removeallweapons this; This addweapon "SIX_SCAR_L_CQB_rifle.p3d";

    Removeallweapons this; This addweapon "Scar_L";

    Removeallweapons this; This addweapon "Scar L CQB";

    Removeallweapons this; This addweapon "Scar_L_CQB";

    But it doesn't work. =/

    EDIT: I fixed it! I just removed the .p3d and it worked fine!
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