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Thread: Animations for Arma2.

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    - Smooth transition on the move WITHOUT HALT, from upright to crouch position, while walking. No sudden stop in movement.
    When aiming you obviously should lose accuracy, but not drop out of aim mode. This would really make the game even better for me.

    I REALLY hope they fix this, like they did with reload !


    - Double tap [W] in direction of obstacle to automatically climb over.

    - Maybe some sort of "auto lower weapon" could work in situations when you "get stuck" in doors and such. The weapon should pop back up when there is enough space (these animations should be really fast).

    - Run and sprint, should automatically cancel lean.

    - Improve that static non-animation when you fall down from 1-2 m, and make it look like someone trying to regain balance.

    - Separate suspension anim for all wheels on planes/helicopters.

    - Head shaking in vehicles.

    - Yeah, more stances (five ?) would be awesome (could be controlled by e.g. ALT+ scroll wheel).

    Thx for a great game.

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    Hi, also transitions; rightnow in the ArmA, you can't run or sprint
    if you're leanning to any side. Pointless. Also... have you noticed
    how the AI's that sneak into a house to shot you by the back like
    to a dog, enter and move, prone like vietcong rats?; will be much
    better if we could walk standing or crawled, much more slower
    without make as much noise as walking normaly or running, while
    we keep the 90% of our aiming/shooting accuracy. Thing this that
    rightnow don't happens and to make a precision shot you really
    need to be stopped, when this removes player's reaction time and
    basicaly makes the advance/adquire/shot to kill process much more
    harder, slow, complicated and basically unrealistic than it really is.
    Better transitions and different movement speeds when walking
    standing, crawled and prone it's something really needed. Let's C ya

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    proper animations for prone (not being able to rotate on one's bellybutton or is it on something else?)

    definite immersion killer that.

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    I hope BIS knows what we are achieving animation wise. If they don't have anything close to this in arma2, we are being ripped off...


    also this


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    As much as i have to agree with you guys (look in my signature for a lot of animation suggestions), i won't hold my breath for it...

    Judging by the GC08 Videos & Interview with Ivan Buchta, the Game does look from the animations part just like Arma(1) - as clumsy, stiff, retarded as the old one.

    Its a real shame, even though BI has their own Motion-Capturing studio....

    Animations are IMHO one of the core-issue of this engine and must be MORE adressed!!!

    One the one side they showed great dancing animations and stuff hidden in the engine, but on the other side its not possible to do some small footsteps forward as a soldier, because of those lame animations limiting you (and not only there - we all know how limiting they are).

    Every time i play other shooter/simulation-like games like ghost-Recon, Swat, Rainbox-six /whatever games, i'm so amazed how great, fluid, simply "fitting" the animations there are - while in this Engine here, they look like fiddled together without "joy/love" or something like that.
    Marek Spanel: [...] Every single element is well taught so that it fits together. So this is a significant change, because with ArmA 1 it was just random, really.
    We made some units because we had to. There wasn't much passion from our side with the first ArmA, to be honest. This time it's different. (Videogamer.com Interview

    Please BIS: Arma2 must become a TRUE MASTERPIECE - Not a middle-heavy catastrophe!

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    Hi, other animation that will need to be revised or just added, is
    to switch from the side weapon to the AT weapon; we simply don't
    have this transition animation. Which resoults in many deaths due
    that the unit switchs from AT, to main weapon and then to side
    weapon; making the whole process slow, pointless, stupid, pittifull
    and deadly by need. If you've to switch to the side weapon it's
    because you need something fast to scare a bit the enemy and gain
    some seconds to find a better place that the grave that the OPFOR
    wants to put you in.
    Also, to speed this up or just to make it better... there should be a
    Drop Weapon/Item key, so you could just throw away the RPG and
    auto switch to the main weapon and then look for the side weapon
    if you think that look for fresh ammo in your vest will be slower
    than pull off the pistol and do some supressive fire and move to
    the closer corner or cover to save your sorry ass. Let's C ya

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    Youtube Link

    Would be awesome to have a little "head shaking" while being a tank commander in bumpy terrain.

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