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Thread: Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Rommel @ Sep. 17 2008,20:27)
    Quote Originally Posted by (ShrubMiK @ Sep. 17 2008,11:08)
    I don't see what the big deal is with "no addons please" though - anybody using mod folders sensibly should have no problems with any number of addons for this mission surely?

    Maybe I'm missing the point...
    Public servers, replacement packs, incompatibility and last but not least, personal opinion.
    Addons packs force people to play it one way or the highway, it also stops a majority of newcomers due to the fact they have to now download a bunch of random files for a game they can easily find elsewhere....
    totally agree. Some of the things you have put it this mission will out way the cons if you take out the addons. the ai air abillity for a start. would love to try it but am not willing to put all the addons in

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    Rick: No pain no gain

    Seems like a good Warfare for singleplayer

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    Quote Originally Posted by (sparks50 @ Sep. 18 2008,01:54)
    Rick: No pain no gain

    Seems like a good Warfare for singleplayer
    Hi sparks50,

    Single player warfare was part of my motiviation as well! Multi player coop is still the best, though.

    Try a game with very close bases, and a huge income bonus to the enemy. Should be a challenge


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    > no pain no gain

    Precisely...if the reason for no addons is "I can't be bothered to download a few files", that's not really a very good reason, IMO. Bottom line: if people want to play additional content beyond what is included in the standard game, they need to be prepared to make some sort of extra effort.

    As I said, the pain could be lessened by combining the needed addons into one bigger file.


    Which should be solvable by being smart and organised with your mod folders. If mission A requires addons X, Y, and Z; and when you want to play mission A you only load addons X, Y, Z, where's the incompatibility going to come from?

    >last but not least, personal opinion.
    >Addons packs force people to play it one way or the highway,

    That does cut both ways of course.

    My personal opinion is that I would like to see more addons in missions...being limited to playing with the same few units on the one map gets stale after a while.

    If someboy wants to produce a version with addons and a version without, then I guess that would be the best of all worlds?

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    Thanks for your points of view guys!

    I will release a stand alone version soon.


    Edit: bummer! Wrong account

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    The main reason I would like to have a no-addon version,
    if BI were to release a patch for ArmA, some or a lot of those addons may not work. We never know, but it happens.

    Thanks Doomguy aka Falconer
    Cya in the CrossHairs Kill Zone!


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    I released the stand alone version, which does not require any addons. Download link in the first post.

    Doomguy out.

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    Oops, the resistance was still using addon vehicles. New version v1.1.1a for the stand alone version added in the top post.


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    Wow! I haven't tried this out yet but I will later, were you able to get the A.I. to catch Airports?

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    I've considered it, and I know how to do it, but postponed it for now. One thing that I've already fixed is that planes were not positioned properly on the runway, such that they often crashed during take off.

    In WACO the air team type buys helo's and sends them on missions, maybe this team could also buy planes from the airport. The air team leader always stays near the aircraft factory though, so it should be allowed to buy planes from far away.

    Making the AI capture the airport should just be a matter of adding the airport(s) to the list of capture location for the AI, and making sure the AI knows when it's captured.

    I might implement it in the next version of WACO.

    Doomguy out.

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