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Thread: Yet another Binarize Problem...

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    Allright when I run BinPBO with "Bibarize" checked I get this error in the Log file:

    Parse: 0 ms
    Cannot load font core\data\fonts\lucidaconsoleb8
    Fonts file \core\data\fonts\lucidaConsoleB 8 not found
    Cannot load font core\data\fonts\lucidaconsoleb11
    Fonts file \core\data\fonts\lucidaConsoleB 11 not found

    Does anyone have any clue on wth is going wrong?

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    The folder you have specified as being the 'Path to Project' folder in the BinPBO settings...

    take a copy of 'P:\core\data\fonts\*.*&#39 ; and place it inside your 'Project Folder'...
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    I am also getting the windows error "BinPBO has ancountered an error and needs to close" but it goes ahead and finishes the packing process

    Then when I try and use the PBO I get a missing .ped error in game

    ok I get the same error as in first post no matter what I do

    I got my Virtual P: drive created with all the BIS tools in it...
    I created a "Temp" folder on the P: drive...
    I place the "AddonNameHere" folder inside the Temp Folder...
    I have tried putting the files from P:/core/data/font into my Addon folder...
    I also tried putting the font folder itself in, the Data folder, and the core folder.. none of wich works! It still wont recognize thse files for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Meathead @ Aug. 07 2008,21:08)
    I have tried putting the files from P:/core/data/font into my Addon folder...
    No, they must be on your P drive, not in your addon folder itself (which would be in P as well)
    In other words, in P you should see a folder called CORE, and inside CORE another called DATA etc etc

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