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Thread: Evo Blue/Red MANDO

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    Been playing this all morning - great fun. Couple questions about the vehicle scripts tho:

    1. When in Vulcan I see an option to switch to AA targets, however it doesnt seem to do anything (whats the idea behind this?)

    2. I am unable to get more than 3 feet off the ground in any chopper without getting MISSILE LOCK warning (great feature) and then getting squished by a missile seconds later... I even tried dropping flares but no good - am I doing something wrong?


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    1) Probably because the vulcan can target only Air units, you see the targeting mode in the top of the hud. If you have only Air as an option, selecting it using the action menu doesnt do anything special, as you are already working in Air mode.

    2) Probably someone did place a missile launcher too close to your taking off position. With mando missile droping flares doesnt ensure missile avoidance, you need some speed to gain separation between the flares and the missile, but you also need to maneouver to make sure that once the missile crosses the flare cloud the missile cannot see your chopper again, else the missile will re-lock on you. So if you are taking off with a slow chopper and there is a SAM nearby, your only option is to keep flying lower than 10m or to use the terrain to hide while you get some speed.

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