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Thread: OAC (OFP ArmA Conversion)

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    OAC (OFP ArmA Conversion)

    = 2009-04-20 release =

    = Content =

    = Comments about OAC =


    OAC gives me the possibility to play my favorite OFP campaigns and missions
    with ArmA visuals combined with a lot of great individual sound, effect mods and addons.
    Conversion of OFP missions for ArmA is so easy that everyone can do this job.

    Thanks for this mod. In my humble opinion it is one of the most important mods made for ArmA.
    The amount of top quality OFP mission and campaigns that this mod makes available gives
    a whole new level of playability to ArmA SP - unfortunately ArmA is lacking in good campaigns.
    OAC has got me enjoying arma as much as I did OFP. I had pretty much given up on it.

    = Download =

    = Credits =

    • For the tremendous and excellent work of play-testing / promotion /
      mission or campaign conversions / fixing bugs:
      • luemmel
      • Mopar
      • Raptor
      • Snake Man
      • stun
      • the-f
      • Yoma
    • Detailed credits.

    = Project links =


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    Thanks for the release Q and the-f!

    Also nice to see you included the ULOTC campaign. One of my favourites from OFP.

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    ARMA 3 Community is dominate!

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    Good job Q and the-f!
    PMC Editing Wiki opened for ArmA 3 information, guides, tutorials, etc!

    PMC Tactical - Operation Flashpoint, Armed Assault and ArmA 2 addons / mods / missions.
    PMC Editing Wiki for tutorials.

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    Nice , I allready converted the first 8 missions of Resistance for personal use some time ago,
    using Relikkis resistance troops and other stuff, but stopped when I realized I had next to none scripting
    syntax knowledge so I couldn't fix the errors, which kept me from further work.
    Retired Stargate Mod Developer
    ArmA2 WH40K Mod

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    ULOTC Campaign for ArmA! Maybe the best campaign ever made for both games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Makake @ July 28 2008,20:57)

    ULOTC Campaign for ArmA! Maybe the best campaign ever made for both games.
    shame on me, never heard something about the ULOTC campaign

    i am downloading and getting very nervous

    report feedback later on.

    thank you very much to the whole team!

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    Thanks for the interest.

    Actually I was hoping for someone recording voices for the ULOTC
    campaign. That would add a lot.

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    Maintained/assisted projects: IFA3, Blitzkrieg

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    That gives me the creeps.

    Just tried it and... amazing. Remembers me, when I played OFP the first time

    Big, big thanks,

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    realy good ***ofp convert to arma
    addons from ofp to arma ***
    it's a very interesting project

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