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Thread: Warfare V1 ADV AI 32 Players

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    Note the hotfix, there was an error in my release on the west side.

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    (Just redownloaded HOTFIX)
    After 20 Min I Have "scalar" instead my money amount!
    It Let me buy HELI etc.

    Also IT would be nice to see balance for each team and each team Group members(as in WACO).

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    This map is really GREAT! Thank you! Just one thing that is on my wish list: able to respawn on camps.

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    I am not sure if this was adressed already.

    Respawning the supply trucks didnt work for me, they got taken of the map but never respawned.

    Does the ai comm use upgrades en stuff ?

    Thanks for the mission, it is very good

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    I was wondering could you add/implement the VFAI Project scripts into warfare too?

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    You don;t need to merge VFAI into WF you just need to use this addon.

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    *Warfarev11 RBTI WACO WARFARE ADV*
    Filefront - Warfare32V11-RBTADV.Sara.pbo
    HOTFixed for clientid issue and scalar money.

    This Filefront link did not work for me, can anyone pls upload to sendspace?
    thx mate

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    I was wondering could you all release a Basic version of the Warfare ADV mission to be ported across other islands? You're AI is perfect, they are very active!

    Nevermind you should leave as it is :P
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