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Thread: Changing side in Warfare

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    When playing Warfare some players go from east side to west side or the opposite and destroy the base making the game end when they please so.

    This needs to be fixed in the next version.

    A possible solution is for server to remember which player ID played on which side and prevent him to play on another side (putting him on a deserted island with a message notifying him that he can't change sides during the game).
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    You don't have access to player's ID through scripting AFAIK.

    Not really "fixable"
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    The fix is an alert administrator.
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    Vanilla 1.1 does not fix this. Try Matt Rochelle's latest. He has a fix for this in 1.1.3f


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    Is it possible to remember the side of a player the same way the server remembers how much money it has ?
    Does the server use the name of the player ?

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