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Thread: Jane's Fleet Command Mod

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    How possible it could be someone create a mod based on the Jane's fleet command?I liked this game and i think that with the graphic engine of ArmA it will be great.Of course we can expand the battles at the land and not only over sea.I just say an idea.

    Some videos from Jane's fleet command

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    Oh Janes Fleet Command...I have that sim but I'v yet to really play it..

    It is possible and you don't really need a mod so to speak, just addons. The first task would be to create ship addons.

    Next would be to use something such as Mando missile or so for cruise missiles and things of that nature.

    Again it is all possible, there just aren't any ship addons in Arma (publicly) right now outside of the beta Nimitz, plus ships are generally 'frowned' upon in a sence due the engines limits.

    If an object is 60 meters or more then there will be faults with the geometry.

    Next would be the fact that you cannot stand or move around a moving vehicle.

    Ships are also not a popular subject from what I'v seen because their blueprints are hard to come by/in large resolutions.

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    I think it'd be pretty much pointless. You can't have half the things that you have in Fleet Command.
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    Hmmm, they got Good AA Defence in that game for Bluefor :P

    Could be a example for ArmA2

    I got the game to. installed....WinXP and yes.....it would have bin fun to have a look alike for Arma2 , but hey!, Carrier command hehehehe, u can make that in ArmA2 LOL >?
    Cant wait til they release the thing....

    But also, Jane's fleet command must be able to be MODED more than NWP did...?
    And i am very interesting also in that Data Base thing with correct Settings for the the gear in Jane's, please could u PM me about it if u make something for the Jane's guy's lol

    I think u can make something for ArmA2 that looks like Jane's Fleet Com..

    Same Map Sizes, except the Object's size should be smaller, i think u can put lots'a stuff in there then..?
    Then, Reducing the size setting for Clouds Ocean's roads City's town's, quite some work, but u could do something yeah..
    Ship's of course will be the bigger challenge to fix....

    A matter to use the engine for more fun

    I just hope it can...
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    I don't think ArmA is the right engine for such a thing, but by God I would kill to have a modern version of such a game.

    Or a new armored fighting vehicle simulator, or helicopter simulator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReconTeam View Post
    I don't think ArmA is the right engine for such a thing, but by God I would kill to have a modern version of such a game.
    Well, there's Global Conflict Blue 2: www.gcblue2.com
    There is also a naval sim without external/3D view in the making, it's called Red Pill: http://www.warfaresims.com/

    Or a new armored fighting vehicle simulator, or helicopter simulator.
    There is Steel Beasts Pro PE (though it is expensive), and there is DCS Blackshark.
    In case you rather want the Apache Longbow, there is a simulator in the making: http://combathelo.blogspot.com/

    Actually the next few years will be good times for simulator fans, as there are several in the making.

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    Plenty of ships here to make your own scenerios:

    WarMod Series - A Massive Addon & Mod Customizable Compilation mod for Arma1, Arma2,CO & soon Arma3 IFA3
    Mission Repository - Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944
    WW2Epic - A Compilation Archive of Photos, Music, Videos, & References of WW2
    AI Compilation List of Addons/Mods/Scripts & Misc for Arma3

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