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Thread: Dynamic Sound AI - RC 1.0

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    Hey Wolfrug,

    I lowered the volume levels and everything works like a charm now! In fact, the missions are even more atmospheric now, as it's harder to distinguish speech from environmental sounds. Was that a cough? Do I hear someone humming "Kalinka"? Or is that just my heart beating?

    Marvellous stuff

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    hey Wolfrug

    great addition indeed.

    Today I had this error popping up. Very strange. Never had it before.

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Warning Message: Script RUG_DSAI\RUG_DSAI\RUG_DSAI\RUG_DSAI&#9 2;DSAI_Misc.sqf not found

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    First of all, that's way too many folders. RUG_DSAI\RUG_DSAI is where all the scripts are (the first RUG_DSAI being the .pbo name). However in v.1.0 the core RUG_DSAI does not contain the DSAI_Misc.sqf script - those scripts (which contain sound lists for stuff like reloading, formation leaders and such) are local to each language iteration (in which case the path would be RUG_DSAIENG\RUG_DSAI for the English language pack).

    So. In short. I dunno. Did you play a mission that might have an old version of the scripts maybe? Don't know what kind of errors might pop up then.


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    I'm posting this in two threads, as this pertains to the interaction between two addons.

    I have created a mission where blufor units (placed in editor) assault a town swarming with insurgents (DAC generated). To enhance the atmosphere, I wanted to use DSAI (Dynamic Speaking AI). However, for some unknown reason, the insurgents (which are on the redfor side), refuse to utter a single sound. Would you have any idea what might be causing this?

    This is what's in my init.sqf btw:

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]execVM "DAC\DAC_Config_Creator.sqf";

    setviewdistance 2000;

    ACE_NoWeaponDispersion = true;

    ACE_NoBlackout = true;


    RUG_DSAI_CycleTime = 20;

    target1 = false;

    target2 = false;

    target3 = false;
    Thanks in advance,

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    Very nice mod! One very interesting battle effect this mod has is that we can actually hear the enemies talk from a distance and helps to hunt them down! hahahaha! No wonder radio and verbal silence is observed during operations!

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