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Thread: RealTimeEditor 5

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    Hello, I can't run RTEcapture.exe . Nothing happens when I try to run that file . Are there any required runtimes, libraries, etc ?

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    Hi all,

    ok, here two Screenies of my problem.
    @PvPscene, JayArmA2Lib_new is updated via Sixupdater.


    Sorry for this bad English.

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    @schukow and all others, this is the topic for the Armed Assault version. Not Arma 2! Maybe post your questions in the correct thread?

    Do not crosspost! I have deleted your other post directing traffic from the correct thread to the wrong thread.
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    Public FTP available, just check the FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Ahh, I've solved it . Ad-Aware blocked it . Thank you for cool utility

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    Hey i have a problem here whenever i tried to export i got this message "RTE CAPTURE NOT STARTED" (213 kB)
    But the RTE is already active

    And its weird in tutorial video i saw there message in debuglog "Hook Installed" but mine there's no message.
    How do i fix this ? I really like to use this..
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