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Thread: RealTimeEditor 5

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    RealTimeEditor 5


    Basing on RTE V3, inspired by Low Flys 3D-Editor.

    Sample images using RTE:

    New features in RTEV:

    Videos about the RTE:

    Real Time Editor Promovideo
    Tutorial: Quickstart
    Tutorial: Behaviour
    Tutorial: Export
    Time Control
    Fun with the RTE

    Used scripts:

    Manual: (for revision 4.3)



    Required addons:

    Extended Eventhandler >= 1.9

    Optional addons:


    Thanks to:

    All creators of RTE V3, FABfm, HulkingUnicorn, kju, loki, Matt Rochelle, Old Bear, savedbygrace, Sickboy, Spooner, trooper_ryan, wipman


    Version 5:
    • Added synchronisation of waypoints and trigger
    • Added 3D objects for waypoints, trigger and marker
    • Used keys can get modified within the RTE*
    • Project administration to save current projects*
    • Added Bank & Pitch-Dialog
    • Added gear dialogue to edit cargo of objects and gear of units

    * requires ArmALib or RTE Capture

    Revision 3:
    • Added map
    • Added trigger
    • Added waypoints
    • Added marker
    • Added ability to merge exported objects with mission.sqm
    • Added first person camera

    Revision 2:
    • Readded ability to place units.
    • Added ability to place groups
    • Objects can get selected by single click
    • Reworked GUI
    • Reworked export
    • Added debug console

    Revision 1:
    • Added ability to rotate objects
    • Added ability to change height of objects
    • It's possibly to export and save objects
    • Removed ability to place units because of incompatibility in export

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    #include "signatur.h"
    "I'm not slacking of. My addon is 'pboing'!"

    Blog about the RTE | Pastebin with SQF support

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    Nice. Will try it out for sure.
    Feel like ArmA is letting you down in some way? Watch this:

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    Nice i just started using V3 in my missions.

    MattXR ( MxR )

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    Where am i ?
    Great work. Thx

    Mirror from Assault Mission Studio

    ArmA RealTimeEditor4


    Assault Mission Studio - German Mission Editing && Scripting Website

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    Excellent news

    Frontpaged at the Armaholic.com homepage.

    The Armaholic.com download page can be found here:
    Visit Armaholic.com | Visit Carriercommandaholic.com

    Public FTP available, just check the Armaholic.com FAQ.

    HMM........wonder what it is huh?

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    Looks real good man. Sure will help alot in making movies too

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    Lol, i was playign with the RTEV3 yesterday.
    Great work!

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    Cant wait to test this out.

    Very useful tool for mission makers! Merci

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