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Thread: Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

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    i have this mod,but version is 1.09

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    holy shit ive been looking for dis

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    Does a mod on the internet or lan work stably? did someone play?
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    A mod? Yes, there is a lot of mod to play in multiplayer, but this one i'm not very sure, because it uses the SLX mod, and that causes a lot of crashes in multiplayer (even in singleplayer, but that is another story).

    The SLX mod for OFP is widely known because it doesn't work very well in multiplayer, but it has a lot of outstanding features for singleplayer =P

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    Wherz the update Rooney !?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cayden1988 View Post
    Download Modern Combat Mod-SLX 11.1 here:


    Thank you so much for the link!

    I was looking for an hour.
    I am collecting my favorite moments with this great game, is my little / big bounce, because it is very difficult against assets of the old links-mission campaign, which gave me such good times.

    Cayden1988, I am very grateful.
    Thank you very much, again, for this great help.

    Best wishes to all the Community.

    TiroLoco MacGraw, an old, old veteran fan of the early days of OFP.

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    can't download the mod or the readme anymore
    This is an updated version of the previous SLX version right?

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    Upload this plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by guziczek101 View Post
    Upload this plz

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