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Thread: Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

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    Just wondering if any knew if it was possible to take the death anims from Liberation Mod and move it into the MCM folder ?


    S. Chapman

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    i remember Big Rooney made an update to this MOD including the replacement of the M113 for the striker links plz i hope...

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    when i unrar it says it cannot unrar the sound files

    should i just re download

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperor117 View Post
    when i unrar it says it cannot unrar the sound files

    should i just re download
    i believe it depends on where u r extracting the file if you are extracting it in ofp's directory then you will have errors depends on the operating system if you are extracting it at my documents and its giving you that problem i'd try to redownload it or find another link i found 2 links that are working a few pages back. Good luck

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    after extensive testing i finally managed to fix one bug when you finish a mission the screen turns black and there is no way to exit the game. Aparently i found that its one file called anims.pbo that is causing this problem. What this does is that it gives the user a different ofp cutscene menu the original. Removing this will have the game play the default camera sequences. Good news too is that when you exit back to the menu you will still see the art work that big rooney has given. So if any users are still having this problem plz remove the anims.pbo in your dta folder.

    As for automatic proning i think i found the bug which is the suppressive fire script i dont know if i mentioned this before but no harm in repeating it. What suppressive fire does is that it gives the ai an invisible target to aim at to give the illusion that its suppressing you from a position near you. This invisible target forces the ai and the player to go prone when under fire so removing the // from suppressive fire in GL3 will not make u automatically prone no more.

    Unfortunately i could not find where i can remove the soldiers from screaming or shouting etc i believe the script is somewhere deep in the config and i dont know the coding for dynamic speaking.

    Hope this info helps

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    I can't download. If I click on the links, I see "File is Unvalaible". Could you reupload these files, for example on rapidshare or megauploads?

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    No links in

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    Yeah I was looking for this mod on, It isn't there??

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    does anyone have this mod

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