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Thread: Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

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    Check the first page, and search out the thread about the previous version of the mod which will have more info.
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    1.01 Try this sites mirror. Should work. Awsome mod.


    The features are in the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Try this sites mirror. Should work. Awsome mod.

    This link is actullay for version 1 with 1.01 patch. Most are looking for version 1.1.
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    I found that out when I loaded it. sorrys

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    Does anybody have 1.02 Mirror?

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    Is there a mirror for 1.1?

    If not I will try and get one up in the next few days. Time permitting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by (Big-Rooney @ April 14 2008,13:35)


    Today I've released the newest version of the Modern Combat - SLX Mod. Version 1.1 is a new complete rewrite of the the original mod and has been drastically improved and updated with new scripts and new units. it doesn't require any previous version of the mod so delete the old one before you install the new one.


    Download Modern Combat - SLX Mod v1.1 - Filefront @12:30 14/4/08

    Modern Combat - SLX Mod v1.1 Readme @12:30 14/4/08

    Installation Notes:

    To install the modification simply extract the @MCM-SLXv1.1.7z using 7-Zip or WinRar anywhere on your computer. Remove any old @MCM-SLX from your computer. Then move the folder over the the main Operation Flashpoint directory usually "C:\program files\codemasters\operation flashpoint". Then change the shortcut launch parameters to whatever your Operation location is. The current shortcut is set to "F:\program files\codemasters\operation flashpoint". Change this if need be and also change the Target location which is set to "F:\program files\codemasters\operation flashpointFLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.exe" -nosplash -nomap -mod=@MCM-SLX. Change this if need be.

    Changes from version 1.02:

    - Fixed AH-64 optic error.
    - Fixed F-15 weapon loadout error.
    - Fixed F-15 weapon firing error.
    - Fixed A-10 engaging error.
    - Fixed A-10 GBU loadout error.
    - Fixed Mi-24 firing error.
    - Fixed Su-25 firing error.
    - Fixed UAZ cargo error.
    - Fixed HMMWV errors.
    - Fixed Russian Naval troops AT errors.
    - Fixed Russian Motorized troop errors.
    - Fixed US Army troops errors.
    - Fixed US Army and Marines loadout errors.

    - Replaced Marco Paulo AH-64's with Franze AH-64's.
    - Replaced Tomi-D Su-29 with Tomi-D Su-25.

    - Added AH-64A's and D's with Hellfires and Rocket Pods.
    - Added Su-24.
    - Added Su-27.
    - Added T-72B.
    - Added T-80's
    - Added T-72A's

    - Removed The LAV-25 Air Defence.
    - Removed The M16A2 from active service.
    - Removed The VDV armor (Time consuming).
    - Removed Naval armor (Time consuming).

    New Misc Stuff:

    - New Options system that allows you to change a lot of stuff in the mod to your own preference. Just like the GRAA by sanctuary.
    - New Sounds for most weapon systems.
    - New Intro movies and music.
    - Nice new GUI. Much tidier than the last one. Softer on the eyes to.

    There is much more new stuff that was added but I cant't remember it all. The readme has all the info you need.

    MP Play:

    Unfortunately with the addition of the Option system. MP playing is now totally uncontrollable and probably will result in a CTD error when you try to play online. Don't worry though I will find a solution and will try to release a version that is playable with Multi-player. At the moment I don't know what MP play will result in.


    I'm now getting into the ArmA coding works. I've already coded some large replacement stuff for my self and am working on a good little project on the ArmA front. I will be exclusively be working on my ArmA work now but I will update the mod if necessary and when it is needed with bug-fixes, additions etc.

    Screen #5

    Screen #6

    Screen #7
    What happened to MCM-SLX 1.1? Why isn't the file there anymore?
    I want to download the file.

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    I think if a file on filefront isnt downloaded enough they remove it.

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    I've a problem, 1.01 version and 1.1 version:
    when the briefing ends at the start of the second mission (convoy ambush or something similar), the game crashes without errors. I had this problem on windows XP and I've this problem on vista home premium 32bit.
    My PC
    Athlon x2 6000
    Motherboard: Asus M3A
    Ram: 2gb Dual Channel Buffalo
    OS: Win Vista home premium Service Pack 1 32bit
    Integrated audio.

    I've too the -nomap command but with this mod the game crashes. There's too another one error: if I play with veteran or cadet difficulty, the games works everytime with "cadet" difficulty settings.
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    Can someone PLEASE send a download link that actually works!!!

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