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Thread: Modern Combat - SLX Mod version 1.1

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    I also took time waiting if someone can upload this mod, thanks.

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    Where can I find it ? Anyon can help me ?

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    For people having trouble I updated post bellow

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    Even better:
    but nothing to download and no slx version, theres also:
    http://operationflashpoint.filefront...mbat_Mod;68447 the mod itself to download but no slx version
    WarMod Series - A Massive Addon & Mod Customizable Compilation mod for Arma1, Arma2,CO & soon Arma3 IFA3
    Mission Repository - Hosting Missions & Files for Iron Front: Liberation 1944
    WW2Epic - A Compilation Archive of Photos, Music, Videos, & References of WW2
    AI Compilation List of Addons/Mods/Scripts & Misc for Arma3

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    Here you go...


    Edit: Sorry for my ignorance this is only SLX v1.1 not Modern combat version
    Well if you replaced units from some FFUR version it would be modern combat
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    I remember I uploaded the mod for some guy, I'm gonna search through our FTP, if it's not there I can re-up, but only temporaily most probably - so you'll have to download it and upload it someplace else, like; Btw, any link to patch 1.2 would be welcome.

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    I have it, uploading now.

    Here you go:
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