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Thread: Pause every 2 seconds - different

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    when i am using internet connection sharing on my home network and i play opflash, the game pauses every 2 seconds or so

    it gets very annoying

    when i turn of ICS it goes normal again

    anyone know a fix for this cos i wanna play ofp with my brother over the internet

    my specs are:

    pentium 3 800
    abit VH-6 motherboard
    256mb pc133 ram
    geforce 2 pro 64mb ddr
    using windows xp with microsoft internet connection sharing over a 100mbit crossover network
    internet is adsl

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    It's a network setting one on of the machines.

    I run ICS and a ADSL connection.

    I do not recieve this problem

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    what are your settings?

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    this would take some time to get them all.

    All the ICS client computers have TCP/IP on them of course and the network card adapter and file and printer sharing.

    The host PC (not the one i play OFP on)
    The network card adapter
    Etherenet Adpater
    Realteak XXXXXX whatever Network Card Controler
    Internet Connection Sharing

    The list is too long, the host PC has about 15 items on the Network Properties
    the clients here only need 3 or so

    For more detial, This is the network settings for my PC, a client, this is whats in the properties boxes of TCP\IP

    Obtain IP adress automaticly is SET
    Enable DNS Server adress is automaticly is SET

    Im running WinXP
    The host is on 98SE so the settings there are far more complicated.

    I will get them for you later but the ICS should all depend on the OS and your ISP

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    hmm maybe cos im using the host to play on and it has all the net traffic go though it

    thx unl33t will try your settings anyway

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    Are clients accessing the net while you play on host?

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