Easter Sunday caused us to have low attendance so only 21 max players playing today. Normally we have 50-60.

Our server host company is SquadServer. They noticed what appears to be a critical issue. They apparently emailed you with the details.

Our experience was good over all however there were enough strangeness happening intermittently when new players connected that we may be motivated to disable this beta version of battleye during our weekly tournaments.

The strangeness we speak of is the following.
Meaning we did NOT get desync or any RED or YELLOW chains. We do NOT get low server FPS (only lost about 7-10 FPS during new connection). So we maintained 38-48 server FPS with 21 people connected. Also client side FPS was reported good during new connection periods. But yet we were seeing people run in place and client side sputtering while some new players were connecting.

We are looking forward to the future releases of Battleye however. We think it will be a great & necessary addition.