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Thread: A little confused

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    Hi Community.

    Well, I have OFP resistance installed in my PC (E:\OFP) and now I am trying to install o2, I've followed the Brsseb tutorial but I don't find the old o2 and I install the Oxygen2PE_ReleaseCandidate (7.3 MB) but the bulldozer don't work because I think the new o2 don't detects the OFP and by the way I don't installed ArmA in this PC. I try to install the latest o2 version (BI_Editing_ToolsRC3) (23.4 MB) and don't work yet.

    In this case the address of the "External Viewer" can be "C:\ofpedit\bulldozer.exe" or "D:\OFP\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE"


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    for ofp, you must use the previous o2
    Sennacherib aka d@nte

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    Hibernating (indefinitely/permanently/intermittently)... may respond to , possibly.

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