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    hey friends

    one of the first optional missions, construction convoy, I'm finding myself waiting around with not a lot going on...

    I've put down my satchel charge in the village and taken position. I'm running version 1.08.

    If I run to where the scout was I can see the convoy stopped on the road and if I open fire they do chase me and always kill me.

    I'm sure they are meant to move into the city as described in my mission brief. I had this problem about six months ago and just skipped the mission but after reinstalling and applying the patch I'd really like to complete it.

    Any help would be great

    Cheers guys

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    i did you, you need to climb the church tower, that 'triggers' the next phase of the mission..

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    IIRC the trigger is to find the pastors hidden weapons, mentioned in the briefing. They'll be somewhere near that tower.
    It's a very weak mission design.

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    ahhh thanks for that, makes sense


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    resurrection of the dead thread

    So I just did this mission. . .and here's the lame part. I had the satchels lined up down the road and the mines at the end of village where the convoy was supposed to drive out. The plan was to wait for the mines to take out the lead truck and blow the satchel charges killing everything else. I sat and sat. . .and at random heard explosions where the convoy was supposed to set up the new base. Then I got a 'mission complete' sign. The convoy somehow got to the new base site without driving through the village, and then blew up. Talk about a lame -2000 points and not a single shot fired win.
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    so i was playing through the campaign, and came to this mission and also had some issues. where is the ammo cache? i have tried searching everywhere around the church and can't seem to find it. i think i had even checked the trucks that are there.
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    I beat this mission without any additional weapons caches I first blocked the end of the street with a bus then setup the satchels and armed myself with a rocket launcher. By blocking the end of the street you channel the bad guys into one area from which its a turkey shoot. Lots of fun I like the challenge of taking on an armed convoy on my own. BTW target the BMP with a satchel and hit the truck full of troops with an RPG. This leaves the remaining BMPs for the 2nd rocket. And just shoot the bad guys driving the trucks.

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    the ammo cache is the red truck near the church, its loaded with satchel charges, mines, m136 rockets and more ammo than you'll ever need

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