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Thread: Custom nvg proxy

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    OK, putting it as simply as I can:

    I want to put new NVGs on my units without resorting to scripts. This can be done by changing the paths of the NVG proxy of a unit; and has been done before (for example, the spy from Queen's Gambit has a custom NVG model).

    However... it's not working for me. Whenever I change the path of the proxy, and I know the path is correct, because the custom NVG model appears in the correct place, the model does not act like NVGs, that is, it never goes away.

    Things that just don't add up:

    a) The path of the BIS NVG proxy is \ca\weapons\NVG_proxy. Such a directory doesn't exist. Assuming the \ca\ is somehow a pseudonym for the ArmA addons folder, I tried using \ca\myaddonscustomNVGpath, but still got farked up NVGs.

    b) There doesn't seem to be a single entry in all of the standard models' code, hex edited or otherwise, or config that points towards the standard BIS NVG model's path, but it seems to be the only thing that works!

    Please, I REALLY need help with this one - I don't want to have to weigh my units down with scripts again. Lend a brother a hand.

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    In your soldier config, create a custom proxy:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class cfgNonAIVehicles
    *** *** *** ***{
    *** *** *** ***//Inherit the base class
    *** *** *** ***class ProxyGoggles;

    *** *** *** ***class ProxyMyNVGoggles &#58; ProxyGoggles
    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***{
    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***model=&#34;&#92;MyAddon&#92;MyNVGoggles.p3d&#34; ;
    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***};
    *** *** *** ***};[/QUOTE]

    In your *.p3d create a proxy and point it to the one in your config proxy:MyNVGoggles. After that the game engine will handle the rest.

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    Fixed, fixed, fixityfixfixfixed&#33;

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    Also, the path ca&#92;weapons&#92;NVG_proxy.p3d does exist.

    It points to the weapons.pbo inside which is the NVG_proxy.p3d model and presumable its textures.


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    Quote Originally Posted by (CameronMcDonald @ Dec. 22 2007,20:09)
    ...(for example, the spy from Queen&#39;s Gambit has a custom NVG model)
    He does?

    This was news to me so I loaded up ArmA only to find that the spy in my install has just come back from the future where he&#39;s had 10th generation NV retinal implants done

    Sorry for bumping this solved thread I just feel a bit ripped off, however I don&#39;t consider it worth a new thread in troubleshooting.

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    I am having the same problem and the solution is not working for me in ArmA2 CO. I made a model of PVS-14 and made a proxy with the path to the model I also added this in my config:

    class CfgNonAIVehicles {
    	class ProxyGoggles;	// External class reference
    	class ProxyNVG_Proxy;
    	class pvs14_proxy : ProxyNVG_Proxy {
    	 model = "\mar_inf_marines\data\msot\gear\pvs_14\pvs14_proxy.p3d";
    class CfgWeapons {
    	class Default;
    	class Binocular;
    	class NVGoggles;
    	class PVS14: NVGoggles {
      		displayName = "PVS-14";
      		nameSound = "nvgoggles";
      		simulation = "NVGoggles";
      		showEmpty = 0;
      		muzzlePos = "usti hlavne";
      		muzzleEnd = "konec hlavne";
      		value = 5;
      		opticsZoomMin = 1.0;
      		opticsZoomMax = 1.0;
      		modelOptics = "\ca\weapons\optika_night";
      		model = "\mar_inf_marines\data\msot\gear\pvs_14\pvs14_proxy";
      		picture = "\mar_inf_marines\data\msot\gear\pvs_14\mar_pvs14_ca.paa";
      		class Library  {
       			libTextDesc="Night vision goggles are intended for observation and terrain orientation at night. They work by intensifying the already available light in conditions of low illumination using, for instance, light from the moon or the stars.";
      			descriptionShort = "Night Vision Goggles";
    The proxy is not acting like the BI NVG proxy, as it shows all the time (even during the day) Any suggestions???
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    class cfgNonAIVehicles {
    	class ProxyGoggles;	// External class reference
    	class ProxyANPVS14 : ProxyGoggles {
    		scope = public;
    		model = "\DDAM_Basis\ANPVS14.p3d";
    	class ProxyANPVS7 : ProxyGoggles {
    		scope = public;
    		model = "\DDAM_Basis\ANPVS7.p3d";

    in the proxy you need to link / path to the new NVG
    (double click on the proxy and enter ei \ddam_basis\anpvs14 )

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