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Thread: Why dont use ARMA's PC?

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    Why dont use high configuration PC of ARMA for playing OFP?
    With such idea, I used my new notebook which was intended for ARMA to play Liberation Mod of OFP yesterday night. Oh, I have to say what a terrific experiences got! Very quick and fluent game speed, all effects of Liberation Mod could be got which couldn't be met by my previous PC during OFP era. Surprised, the texture effects also felt better even in the same resolution as before.

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    Well, if you do go back to play OFP, I wouldn't see why you would change or degrade your PC to play it lol

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    The PC updating seems never catch up with the game updation! That's the reason why use the new PC for old game. Actually, even in OFP, our previous PCs were not well matached. Often some people said some Mods or addons with higher requirement had caused troubles for their computers. So for my current notebook, it could play ARMA without question. But are not very fluent or quick when using more vehicles or soldiers. But for OFP, it could do very well.

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    But wouldn't that be obvious?

    Using a spec machine on a lower required spec machine = good results?

    Unless I have missed something..

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    I thought the whole reason I built this newer box was for a better ofp game experience.
    Mainboard : ELITEGROUP CO.,LTD. 945G-M3 *** (ModdedPowerSpec V100) --- Chipset : Intel i945G/GZ --- Processor : Intel Pentium D @ 3333 MHz --- Physical Memory : 2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM ) --- Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 7600 GT, 256 Mb DDR2 --- Hard Disk : ST3120022A (120 GB) --- Hard Disk : WDC (74 GB)
    Operating System : Windows Vista ™ Home Basic Home Edition 6.00.6001 Service Pack 1
    DirectX : Version 10.00 *** Windows Performance Index :4.1

    Just 256 Mb & $1,500 shy of being able to run VBS2

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