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Thread: Evolution (Red+Blue)

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    Kiljoy, are you currently doing anything with this version, or do you have something else planned?

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    Hmm seem to be a bugg in the "SWEC-Public" server mission
    of Evo-Blue...

    You just have to drive thrue Paraiso to have taken.
    And in The other towns there will be only ONE
    officer and 3 Shilkas...Thats all...No reinforcements

    Whats up??

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    maybe you drive to fast? strange bug, can happen when the comp running Evo takes a while to spawn all the troops in the town. Once i got like half way in to the city before i saw troops at all, its the comp not spawning quickly enough i think.

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    Nono...I mean the town is taken. Objectiv Paraiso is DONE
    fini, over...I just have to cross the grey zone..

    Btw...Im alone on the server, when i reach the hangar on
    the first join i get a desync at 100000 then it dissapear..

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    Theres a lot of scripts starting up at the very start i suppose its possibil pariso laggs if you go there to fast alone.
    I'm going to release a bug fix for the blue and red soon. The parachuter's seem to be causing lagg problems I think. I cant work out why they function fine for a few hours then go bad tho. something native maybe.

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    I dont think its the speed and that im alone...
    I tryed last time to wait, i stayed in base for like
    +10 min and still the same...

    Try it out KilJoy..Its on "Swec-Public" server...

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    what if someone killed the radio tower quickly and then there is no more enemies spawning?

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    Eeuhummm..Did i mention i was alone on the server...

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    yeah but some servers are always on, like if you dont restart the mission it will be like when you left it i think.
    LIke in some evo servers the stats are saved and in some they are not, one funny moment i joined a server and was driving around and suddenly from nowhere the bridge had a piece that was destroyed and i drove straight down and hit the ground hard and died. Pretty realistic but annoying

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    Hi Everbody!!

    I had found a way for our dead AI Comrades to disappear on the new Evo map!!!

    1 edit scripts\recruit and add this line _unit addEventHandler ["killed",{handle = [_this select 0 ] execVM "scripts\bury.sqf"}] after line 78 or 79...

    I tested it alone and the script works.......well someone should test it on a server....I cannot guaranteed if this will not disturb the flow of the map but for now it solve the Bots problem till KJ release the update version....

    Bye2 Great Work KJ.....

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