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Thread: ArmA Development Team

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    We are a group of people willing to design all types of mods for this game from admin mods to models to scripts to more and more and more we would like to find all types of coders and scripts and mission makers and more im a web designer and im designing this website for people like ur selfs that like do things like this its a free websites and its welcome to everyone thats intill designing mods and scripts and more.

    lets make the biggest development team for arma here at this website

    here a sample of the site now:

    if u want to know more u can pm me here or u can email me at: ***

    or even xfire me at :


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    100 views and no comments. I have some...

    Sounds very similiar to OFPEC

    This topic should be moved to Squads and Fanpages;f=65

    Nice thing you are doing here and its a good time for me to thank OFP.INFO , which has hosted my webpage and many many other teams and individual modmakers pages for years

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    With such a vague objective how do you expect people to know if they want to join you?

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    I agree. A bit more information about what your aims are, what your website content is meant to be etc.

    All I know is that its for some development project for ArmA, which isn't much help..

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    here really i cant tell u what types of project we r going to do in this development team because im not the lead designer im the lead web designer im willing to give people like ur selfs a free website to do this stuff and thats if u want im not asking u to say i will take the website and do this if u want to be apart of this site and give ideas and even make mods from this new community / development team is up to u to take the job of what u do and do it this will be my last post about the community i have one person right now that sent me a pm thats asking others in there clan if they want to do this and if he does deside on doing this he will be one of the leaders of this site im looking at find up to four leaders to run this site as if it was theres

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    yes i know but people understand me fine. and theres others out there that have bad grammer as well but who gives a crap

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    Come on people, don't rip into the guy. English might not be he's first language, so cut him some slack.

    If I have read and understood your posts correctly, you want to make a community dedicated to making addons/mods/scripts/missions for ArmA?

    You, yourself, wont be making anything, just providing people with the space to communicate with each other? Am I correct? If so, to me it sounds like a good idea.

    Like BraTTy said, many other community sites such as ArmedAssault.Info and ArmAholic are already offering modders, addon makers space to advertise there work.

    If theres one thing in ArmA that I would love the most, it would be... All addon/mod/script/mission makers came together and release one big massive MOD! The amount of quality and quantity in that mod would be unbelievable and mind blowing.

    It is going to be hard to find such people willing to form an alliance with each other and work as one. But I wish you all the best with your quest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Gaffa @ Sep. 26 2007,04:32)
    All addon/mod/script/mission makers came together and release one big massive MOD! The amount of quality and quantity in that mod would be unbelievable and mind blowing.
    I´ve speaked of this but it will never come to happend in such of people right now life in this world. Organizig a huge community is impossible there is always a guys who will fail on purpose. At least I hope that BIS´ll understand to make games around to community not otherwise.

    Armadev is nice idea but there is already OFPEC and this forum so it will be dead soon without its admins concentarations to it.
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    but u see

    the site that ur talking about OFPEC is for both flashpoint and arma we r strictly arma dev thats way im doing this if people want to be in this up to them

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