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Thread: Russian Federation Units V.2.00

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    To keep things simple i just post the main readme here, note that the downloads also include russian readmes this time.

    Also you will find two bonus downloads, OFP style soviet marines and my reskinned vehicles.

    In each download you also find a replacement pbo that will replace the OPFOR with our units, make sure you only use one soldier replacement at once, the vehicle one works with all of them and automaticly fits the right troops in

    * Shadow NX & Skaven's RF Units & Weapons V.2.00 *

    * Contents & Information *

    This pack is a cooperation between Skaven, Cameron McDonald and
    Shadow NX and features modern era Russian troops of the VDV and Naval Infantry
    along with a big selection of several variants of the Kalashnikov assault rifle
    and other soviet / russian weapons.

    The soldiers are based on Bohemia Interactives SLA troops
    and were reskinned to reflect modern russian troops, however
    they still are reskins so forgive us if lots of their gear
    still looks pretty soviet era like.

    Also we should note that we plan to update this pack in the future
    adding new units and weapons.


    We hope you have fun and thank you for the support,

    Skaven, Shadow NX and Cameron McDonald

    * New in this version *

    - New ballistics and realistic ammo ( try the svd... ^^ )
    - New textures with more variation among the soldiers
    - New normal maps for soldiers and weapons
    - Second rifleman for more variety
    - Improved weapon models and lods
    - One shot / disposeable RPGs ( RPG-22 and 27 )
    - Weapons that share same ammo can share mags AK-74 and AK-74M for example.

    - New weapons:

    - Pecheneg Machinegun scoped and non scoped.
    - AKS-74 with late production plum coloured plastic parts in different variants.
    - V-94 Anti material rifle ( Early variant of OSV-96 ).
    - VSS Short range supressed sniper rifle.
    - AS Val supressed rifle with and without Cobra optics.
    - RPK-74M modernized version of the RPK-74 with plastic parts.
    - Makarov Pistol with and without silencer.
    - APS Pistol with and without silencer.
    - AKMS a AKM with a foldeable skelleton buttstock.
    - RPG-22 Disposeable launcher similar to US Law.
    - RPG-27 Disposeable launcher that is kind of a one shot version of the RPG-29
    - AK103 Modern AK series that can take the 7,62x39 ammo that has more punch.
    - Western made AWM as bonus weapon cause a few are in use with the Spetsnaz.
    - Lots of new variants of the old weapons.


    Some equipment was changed so most probaly some missions made with the old
    version need to be re edited, for example marines now carry the newer AKS-74s.

    Also we are aware that some weapon models still arent 100% correct,
    fixing that is planned for v.3 of the pack.

    * Installing this addon: *

    In the file you have downloaded you should find the following .pbo files:

    - RHS_Marines.pbo
    - RHS_VDVPara.pbo
    - RHS_Mag.pbo
    - RHS_Weap.pbo

    Place all four .pbo files inside your Arma Addons folder
    or the desired modfolder ( better method )

    You find our soldiers on the OPFOR Side under the RHS Russian Men

    You can choose groups under the East Side/Russian Army class.

    The Ammo Box (with lots of extrweapons not equiped on the soldiers)
    can be found on the regular Empty/Ammo section inside the Editor with the
    name of RHS Weapons&Ammo Box.

    --- OPTIONAL ---

    Also you will find two replacement files in this pack:

    - RHS Marines replacement.pbo
    - RHS VDV replacement.pbo

    If you also put ONE of these files in your addons folder then the OPFOR
    soldiers will all be replaced by our VDV or Marine units.


    * For mission makers: *

    Classnames Marines:


    Classnames VDV:



    Class Names Weapon/Magazines:



    PM Makarov

    "RHS_Makarov" - "RHS_Makarovmag"
    "RHS_MakarovSd" - "RHS_MakarovSDmag"

    APS "Stechkin"

    "RHS_APS" - "RHS_APSmag"
    "RHS_APSSd" - ""RHS_APSsdmag"


    Assault rifles:


    "RHS_AK74" - "RHS_AK74mag"
    "RHS_AK74GP25" - "RHS_AK74mag"
    "RHS_AK74PSO1" - "RHS_AK74mag"


    "RHS_AK74M" - "RHS_AK74Mmag"
    "RHS_AK74MGP30" - "RHS_AK74Mmag"
    "RHS_AK74M1P29" - "RHS_AK74Mmag"
    "RHS_AK74MGP301P29" - "RHS_AK74Mmag"
    "RHS_AK74MPSO1" - "RHS_AK74Mmag"
    "RHS_AK74MCobra" - "RHS_AK74Mmag"

    AKS-74 ( Wood )

    "RHS_AKS74" - "RHS_AK74mag"
    "RHS_AKS74GP25" - "RHS_AK74mag"
    "RHS_AKS74PSO1" - "RHS_AK74mag"

    AKS-74 ( Late production variant with modern plastic parts )

    "RHS_AKS74p" - "RHS_AK74pmag"
    "RHS_AKS74GP30" - "RHS_AK74pmag"
    "RHS_AKS74PSO1" - "RHS_AK74pmag"
    "RHS_AK103GP30PSO1" - "RHS_AK74pmag"


    "RHS_AK103" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"
    "RRHS_AK103GP30" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"
    "RHS_AK103GP30Cobra" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"
    "RHS_AKS74p1P29" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"


    "RHS_AKM" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"
    "RHS_AKMGP25" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"


    "RHS_AKMS" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"
    "RHS_AKMSf" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag" ( AKMS with folded stock )
    "RHS_AKMSGP25" - "RHS_AKMmag" & "RHS_AKMrmag"
    "RHS_AKMPBS1" - "RHS_AKMSDmag" ( Supressed AKMS )


    "RHS_RPK74" - "RHS_RPK74mag"
    "RHS_RPK74DM" - "RHS_RPK74mag" ( Double mag variant )


    "RHS_RPK74M" - "RHS_RPK74Mmag"
    "RHS_RPK74M1P29" - "RHS_RPK74Mmag"


    Grenadelauncher Ammunition:

    GP-25 & GP-30




    Sniper Rifles:

    SVD "Dragunov"

    "RHS_SVD" - "RHS_SVDmag"




    "RHS_PK" - "RHS_PKmag"

    Pecheneg ( Modernized PKM )

    "RHS_Pecheneg" - "RHS_PKmag"
    "RHS_Pecheneg1P29" - "RHS_PKmag"


    Rocket Launchers:

    RPG-22 ( Disposeable - One shot )

    "RHS_RPG22" - "RHS_RPG22Rocket"

    RPG-27 ( Disposeable - One shot )

    "RHS_RPG27" - "RHS_RPG27Rocket"


    Special Weapons:

    VSS "Vintorez"

    "RHS_VSS" - "RHS_VSSmag"

    AS Val

    "RHS_ASVAL" - "RHS_ASVALmag"

    V-94 ( Anti material rifle - early variant )

    "RHS_V94" - "RHS_V94mag"


    Bonus Stuff:

    AWM Rifle

    "RHS_AWM" - "RHS_AWMmag"



    * Special thanks to: *

    ... by no special order ...

    Bohemia Interactive - For the base models of our reskins and ArmA itself

    Skaven - Weapons, textures, config works and much much more.

    Shadow NX - Normalmaps, readmes, soldier textures & weapon texture tweaking.

    CameronMcDonald - Normalmaps, config works and general help.

    Bionic - For his great Pecheneg Machinegun and 1p29 scope.

    NonWonderDog - Realistic ballistic settings and scope fixes.

    Tiger - For the Cobra scope.

    TwinkeMaster - For the base AK receiver.

    Kenji - RPG-22 and 27 Model and textures ( original 22 model by SniperSkull )

    RobertHammer - For the Sounds and beta testing.

    Totmacher - For some model parts and textures we used.

    Rellikki - For his helmet net we used as base for ours.

    tpM - For beta testing.

    Maddmatt - config work

    William 1 - Replacement files

    NSX - Beta testing, advise on weapons and promo pictures.

    FW200, Griffon79, DreDay & NoRailgunner - For reference material.

    Peter13 - For reference photos and research / advises on weapons
    ( we follow all your advices on v.3 mate )


    All BIS forum members and others we may have fogotten - For help and support.

    You guys make us better than what we really are, thanks you.


    For addional infos on the real things you can check:





    Contact us on BI Forums or via Email at:












    Download RHS_RF_Units & Weapons_v.2.00 @ armedassault.info

    Download RHS_RF_Units & Weapons_v.2.00 @ BIS-4-players

    Download RHS_RF_Units & Weapons_v.2.00 @ Armaholic.com

    Download all packs @ combat-prison.net

    Download RHS_RF_Units & Weapons_v.2.00 @ Armed Assault Zone


    Download RHS_Bonus_ColdwarMarines_V.1.00 @ armedassault.info

    Download RHS_Bonus_ColdwarMarines_V.1.00 @ Armaholic.com


    Download RHS_Bonus_Vehicles_V.1.00 @ armedassault.info

    Download RHS_Bonus_Vehicles_V.1.00 @ Armaholic.com


    More mirrors will follow.

    And now have fun!

    ----------Nunc id Vides, Nunc ne Vides---------

    --- Download AFRF Mod --- AFRF Mod wiki ---

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    Nice job! Thanks for all the hard work
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    . Thx guys u r the best. Thx for making arma beter. I cant weit too donwload and tray it.

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    Excuse the language....FAN F**K**G TASTIC!
    Thanks for the release lads.
    Can't wait to start testing it \m/!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Great job and a big thank you to all involved in this release.

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    Thanks !!!

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    GJ guys!
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    great job guys, was waiting for this for ages..downloading NOWWW
    and thanx for ur time trying ur best to accomplish this masterpeice , regards

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