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Thread: Big-Foot in OFP ??

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    This thread is very refreshing indeed, as much as kenwort's avatar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Sanctuary @ Aug. 29 2007,18:58)
    or that was just some russian sniper in a forest
    What do you mean by bigfoot? What shoe size was he wearing? 64?
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    No its BS to be honest

    It was actually me running through the forests from James Gastovski's daughter. Shes older now. And well we were getting down with it

    but suddenly James burst through the door using his SF skills to unlock the door. Holding a HK to my head, i quickly reacted and jumped through the window with bullets blazing behind me

    Then i landed in a pool of mud then i began running through the forest collecting leaves among other things ..... around my butt naked body.

    Then finally i got back home at Gravette.

    Shortly after, james moved house .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by (hmmwv @ Aug. 29 2007,10:27)
    Oh no!!! the curse of GTA San Andreas fakes comes to OFP!!! I think no one have ever noticed any single file inside any game PBO related with a posible Big Foot creature. Just a fake urban legend I guess. I┬┤ll be expecting for screenshots anyway. ***
    what you mean fakes!? that no shit happend to me. i dont have any proof by my friend was over when it happend though.

    it was the strangest thing. (its been awhile sense i've played it so i don't know the name of the area) it was in the hick part of SA. on the mountain and i was riding along with my motorcycle and there he comes. freakn bigfoot and he was faster then my motorcycle too. he hit me off then kicked my ass and killed me.
    never saw him again. but it was great

    -back to topic-
    out of 4 years of playing OFP i've never seen anything strange... let me take that back... i've never seen any strange animal running about at night, during the day, high alt, low alt or even in the death scene!

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    It certainly smells like a myth wrapped in some BS boasting, and sprinkled with hearsay. I will admit though, that all of the islands have many secrets and surprises.. to this day whilst doing (camppack1.0) custom missions camping high up in the mountains/forests of Everon and Nogova, you get those chills... you know? Sometimes when i'm camping in the mountains just south of Kvilda in the NE corner of Nogova... sometimes i think i see a spetznaz soldier sneaking through the woods... but then that's probably just my mind playing tricks after the years of experience in ofp combat seeing such things in fear of my life....

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    The only proper way they could do Bigfoot in OFP is to hardcode every aspect of it and make the sightings ultra rare under strange circumstances. Otherwise, people could just tear the game apart and find the model file somewhere.
    Has it been that long already?

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    Sounds a bit like this Kolgujev stone army. I can say with a degree of confidence that there's no bigfoot in any of the data files, so either it's encrypted such that it's invisible (unlikely, because other easter eggs aren't), or, it's a load of bullhonkey!
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    We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area.

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