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Thread: Big-Foot in OFP ??

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    Hey guys...
    Look what i found..
    Big - foot in Operation Flashpoint
    Is this true? I tried to look for Big-Foot on Everon Grig Hh 82 in the night, but didn't find him. Has anyone found the Big foot or is it fake?

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    I spent years on the OFP-Islands, but have never seen an big-foot.
    Some stonhenge like stone-formation, but no Yeti or another strange living thing.
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    Me have seen a lot of weird things in ofp but this beats them all. Would be nice to hear something from the BIS side or atleast some one who knows more.. I still ask.. is this for real?

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    Would be friggin' awesome if it were true...

    The only bigfoots I've seen so far in OFP were the CAF Unimog Monster Truck, Didro's Lada Niva Monster Trucks and CAF Iltis Monster Truck...
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    Oh no!!! the curse of GTA San Andreas fakes comes to OFP!!! I think no one have ever noticed any single file inside any game PBO related with a posible Big Foot creature. Just a fake urban legend I guess. I´ll be expecting for screenshots anyway.

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    Sounds like a load of BS to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Ti0n3r @ Aug. 29 2007,18:31)
    Sounds like a load of BS to me
    Otherwise we would have found the files a long time ago.

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    Might only be in the OFP:E version. I swear when I used to play that something attacked me in the woods.

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    bigfoot sightings is usually a sign your brain is requesting you to stop playing the game and get some sleep instead.

    or that was just some russian sniper in a forest

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    Hey guys, aint you smoking too much
    Seriously there is flying saucer to see during this guard mission back on Malden, you just need to stare (towards ocean) at sky (the BiS one, not the llamua).
    Speaking about this Yeti stuff, I saw something like sneaking - shadow (Nighttime, Summer, between 1-2 AM, Everon). When I sneaked a bit closer, armed with Kozlice loaded with buckshot - it gone. Ofp sometimes is freaking strange and never stops suprising.

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