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Thread: Mission Request

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    Im fixing problem founded on mission Guardian. The mission have a problem that if the leader die, then the radio for convoy movement will not work, i didnt founded this error when i test it due to i didnt die. Last Night when i tested again with some friends i die and when i respawned it dont let me use the radio. anyway this is not hard to fix. i will upload it later the new fix.

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    I gotta tell ya last night me Jag Ace, Loyal, and Rouge (Ithink) had a great time capturing Guba in Red Dawn. Its not often that I can find the time to get on and play. Usually when I do its with a bunch of uncoordinated morons. Its fun to get to play this every now and then it would be better if I had more games like I did last night.

    Any way heres how it went. Hope I remember correctly

    We started out in the copper and ended up landing at the coast as Guba usually runs through there. After dispaching a Uaz and a Ural with troops we got a call saying Guba was spotted at the cross roads so we were kinda pissed. Most of the human players jumped into the Humvee with one AI the last human Loyal Jumped into the jeep with the rest.

    As you know controling the AI can be cumbersome it took longer than expect to get them to follow orders. I knew that a BMP was on its way. Just as the last soilder boarded the jeep we took off only to see a AT rocket fly over the Jeep. I damn near pissed myself while as I watch from behind my humvee as Loyal got machined gunned by the BMP. We quickly drove over the crest of the Hill with few casualties.

    The hummer with Jag, Rouge and Me stopped right in front of two M2 machine guns at another road block. After getting shot up we retreated outside their line of fire. We speant awhile discussing where we were and what to do next. Well while figuring out what to do three more urals came up along with a repair truck. We expertly shot out the drivers of two vechicles as the third attempted to escape one of my human allies dispatched it with his Law. Then the BMP showed up and I detroyed it with my own Law.

    We then proceeded to take out the road block with those M2's when somone saw a UAZ speeding away in the distance. We jumped into the two Urals that we killed the drivers in and gave chase. While chasing we ran over some East soilders and finally managed to catch up to the Guba UAZ. We jumped out and one of my Human players was killed by a roaming east squad. We pulled the Ural in front of the UAZ where I got out and engaged the squad that killed my ally. Then I turned to see one of gubas body guards jump out I turned and killed him while another squad mate killed the other guard.

    We than got to watch the cut scene where Guba brags about his hidden scud. Ive never scene it before and wanted help in capturing him so the mission was a success in that sense. Then something funny and kinda unexpected happened. One of my dead comrades spawned into the captured Guba. So now that we had Guba on our side we were gonna go to kill the scud launcher. Unfortunaly guba couldn't enter our Ural since he was an enemy but we didn't have a chance to worry aobut that as we got the cut scene of the scud lauching.

    We were to late it took longer than expected to capture the general. Any ways I just want to say thanks Bless without you fun like this wouldn't be possible with my friends.

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    Hell yeah, that mission is so fun when you play without newbies. Im having problem converting some campaigne mission to multiplayer due to the script is only for one player but anyway im trying to fix it.
    The guardian mission if the leader dont die, the mission will work fine. I got a fixed version with better convoy intelligence and allow to use radio after first death. Thanks for play my missions. I only do this for keep this great game alive and hope microsoft add it to list compativility for 360 soon.

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